Shobha De Attempts A Enid Blyton...

..... And loses hands down! Booooooooooo!!

But wondering what am doing still reading 'Enid Blyton' kinda books at this age!! Well well she is ma first love and as it goes for first loves u never ever forget them (:-p) (Thou a few meanie fells say - add my hubbs in there- that I never grew beyond that.... Grrrrrrrrrrr)!

Before I go onto rip the book apart, lets talk of Shobha De - Now now if u ask me the image that comes to my mind when I think of her is more of a page 3 person than a writer(Sour Grapes talking??)...... Thou I gotta admit that her articles in news papers are worth a read! Maybe she should stick to doing that n not attempt writing novels! Possibly why I think her book 'Spouse' was a good read(Its supposedly based on her life story... But am sure there is a lot of ‘larger-than-life’ there.,.. come on when I write my silly Blog I exaggerate like nobody's business ... n here we are talking of best sellers!) But come to think of it... Its basically a collection of short write-ups... So my point  remains... Plz dont attempt writing novels or never ending stories... They just arent ur cup of tea… (if u do disagree plzz lemme know... I would be happy to pick up any novel of hers tht u recommend)!

So Now onto the book "S's Secret".... All tht I said in the above paragraph holds true... But again is it cause I hv grown out of that stage... I would want to belive tht its not the case ... I still enjoy every other Enid Blyton! The characters in the story could have been been developed better..... The relationship between sisters for instance... dwells too much on the jealousy n ‘getting-on-to-other-persons-nerves’... which I agree is a main ingredient in a sister-sister relationship (Me a product of it :)) but what also exists is a beautiful bond of love n affection(which dint find a mention in novel at all)! A bit more homework on the characters.... a little more juicy incidents (School lives are full of them) would have made this a better read!!

Buck Up Shobha De! N nops am not gonna pick up its trailer!

A Sweet - Bitter Start to a year!

Ha here is the promised post ~~ A record of the day my B'day was!

Post reading this I know u gonna laugh at me but please remind me this the next I decide to lose my temper with my hubbs!!! N am shit embarrassed to post this for the whole world to read... but possibly this can at least bring in some much needed calmness n stability in me! N I can think of people who gonna do a ROFL n make me regret this post!

Ha ok a bit of prelude b4 I strart off.... Its for sometime that I wanted to change my Thaali-Chain\Mangalsutra (it currently resembles an elephant chain) to something more sleek n trendy! The traditional but in-trend black-beads magalsutra was shot down as me n black just dont go together! So decided to settle for a simple gold chain n told the hubbs dearest of mine in v v simple n clear terms that this is what I want him to gift me on my my B'day (sheesh!!! But yeap I did tht) But the grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr of a fella had the guts to not to get it.... his excuses included credit card bill(like another 10 or 20k is gonna make a dent on the already inflated number there) to shopping for it along with me(Me knows the reason is he jst simply forgot.... cant get myself to say 'care' so will settle for 'forgot' :-D)

Ha so when the clock stuck 12, yours truly was all preened n happy expecting the gold chain (Had taken an extra precaution to remind him few days back too) n there goes my balloon poof when I learn there is no chain nothing... Thank U! N then I give him shit... loads of it (including starving him to sleep.... Me Bad! Me Bad!)n was generally sympathizing with myself!! U agree this was some start for a B’day :-D

Next day well in the excitement of my niece coming n ofcourse it being the big day some coldness was forgotten but ensured to use every opportunity to rub it in(kick me! Kick Me!)!! But looks like my brain starts ticking in once I hit the Loo... N tht is when it strikes me "Hello! Yesterday this hubbs of mine had called me at office saying house is flooded... yours truly had left all windows open n it rained cats n dogs!! But wasnt the house almost-dry n good to go when I reached!! N hey who stocked up the house with groceries n saved me from hell what with my aunt dropping in the next day(even the bare minimals were missing) .... well well tht is when it strikes the thick headed me tht thou he hadnt got the chain he had ensured tht my b'day had started off without me hving to work my ass off!

N I felt so bloody guilty but most importantly went back to feeling 'A Loved WIfe' status!(Isnt it all abt 'me', 'me' me') As they say....All is well that ends well:) N no people dont come n gimme baashans for this! But but when I was shouting my head off wht the hell was his vocal chord doing....... Couldnt he have opened it n put a stop to all the 'heartburn' but grr he chooses not to n when pointed out tells me cheekily 'when fools talk, wise remains silent'....grr grr grr!!!

PS: N a thank you to the person who was around to hear me getting upset n then feeling guitly abt it without missing a beat (like its something I do day in n day out n it was nothing new.................grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr).... But thank u for being there :) N a no thank U for the person who made my D-Day day inomplete........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Yeap! Yeap! U Can Miss Ur Manger Tooo.....

...... Dont laugh! Neither Me Kidding! Its possible v much possible to miss ur manger(direct one at that!).Something I never believed in my 5+ years of career! But something I now say with all honesty.....

Here is to a great person - a great peoples manger - a person who gave me the space to learn n grow, who knows the difference between 'hand-holding' n 'Micro-Managing' , between being 'Authoritative' n 'Domineering', For seeing things for what they are n not blowing them out of proportion, for teaching m enuances of people mgmt .... As somebody said treats each team member as an 'Individual' n not a 'Mechanical' \'abstract' things he has to work with(!). N well I just thank my lucky stars tht I got to start my career at this place with u.......

Sudip, U’ll be missed truly missed by me, by the ‘FANTASTIC’ team and of course our ‘Mutual’ friend :)

PS: Trust me this is something I had always wanted to write when u leave! N on the the last thingy u told me... Thank you for saying it :). Untill then whenever I think of u it was this one incident which would make it less than picture perfect but today its just simply picture perfect.... Thank You :)

Yosh! Yosh! Am here!!

Ha been back after almost a week....... N yeap yeap feels gr8 when people knock to say "Hey whens the next post coming thru" Thank U guys  So whats been up the last week - quite a bit… read on to sample it!

First the not-so-good-things in last week ~~ well funnily all @ work place..... Am surprised as to how the two seem to be overlapping... until a few months back work was work. Peiod. U would hardly c a blog on my work or work place but isnt tht changing.....Hmm an interesting observation even for me! Now back to the subject - Ha the work I do requires me to call a mgr in the morning and do some reporting on last day happenings - The saddest part being tht this call is at an unearthly hour of 7:30 in morn when ur highness must hv just woken up! The saving grace until last week was the mgr herself - A person I love... so the call slowly turned to something I looked fwd to ... more on lines of a morning cup of coffee :) But but do good times last! They dont!! So from last week am supposed to be calling everybody else except her n putting up with their airs the first thing in morn............grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Silly u say - Arre na its this activity my day starts off with.,... it sets the tone for the day isnt it being pleasent important????

End of bad times... na na! But a farewell deserves a blog in itself! So lemme put it in 'parking' slot for now!!

Now for the good things... smile people smile :). It was yours trulys B'day ..... N makes me once again realize tht its not just 'real' people n world that make sur day.... The virtual worl of social networking sites, blogging play a equal if not more role! Thnx guys 4 making ma day! The day calls for a blog.!(Gosh! quite a few pending)... na not for celebrations....was more of a subdued, homely celebration this time.... but more for the bitter-sweet beginning tht the day started off with! But but there was somebody special's special gift that (nothing materialistic..... More in terms of a message, a special hug) that didnt come thru which kinda made day incomplete!

N now for the the the happiness n love of ma life... My little niece who is currently visiting me! Ha the joy tht the lille ones bring... The unconditional love, the simple things that define happiness for them(A visit to park is all she needs to make her day.... so uncomplicated, so simple).....N the tight hug she gives when u reach home from work is all I need to get ma energy back :) Makes u feel so v loved  Calls for another blog again (ooph! U say)

So thts what last week is been about...... A big slice of life!! A lot of food for thought!

Edited To Add: How could I write abt the week and miss writing about being made to make rotis at a good 30 mins past midnight!! Ha I was coaxed, reasoned n then thhreatenended untill I obliged! Life I say is a big unfair business!!!

Hey Here comes my 100th post........!!!

Wowo!!! Celebration Time!!!........

Ha atlast after what 3 + years I hv hit my 100th post....poof nota big deal u say!!! Huh Like I care.... I enjoyed every bit of it... It kinda capures ma life.... started it off when my daddy just passed away (hmmm a way to lash out my pent up sorrow??? I donno...) to the happily-married-Newly-Weds to Now(how do I define Now??)......... Ha lets hope this space continues to grow, to capture happier memories n possibly some time in remote future antics of a little one(No am not pregnnat if u thinking that.... But nothing stops me from wishful thinking :-D; A blog coming v soon on this) .......

N all the dedication that this space so rightly deserves is already been done a few days back here! So here is wishing this beautiful space a big Thank You and happier times!!

N what a better time than this to get my first blogging award.... Swarm U rock girl! Am so v gald to have met u in this space...... U made my day :)

N now onto other updates....

On the Vishu that was..... I did manage to wake up at an unearthly hour of 4 in morn.....Thnx to an issue that cropped up at office... they decided to wake me up and well that ensured that my VishuKani went off without a hitch ....c the silver lining behind the cloud :) But that meant that the first thing I saw wasnt lords face but the damn time on my mobile n then the walls as I half-blindly made my way into pooja room :)

My VishuKani.....Nothing impressive u say... Hv a heart! I atleast mad ethe effort :)

Ah Ok now in all fairness lemme thank my hubbs for getting the day thru without a hitch! Me being me woke up to the N no. of things that we gotta buy for Vishkanni at 8 the previous night when it was raining cats n dogs in Blore!! Panicky calls made to home, to hubbs..... But yeap he being the price charming knew more than to trust his wifey in all this n had picked it all up by afternoon (Of course the not-so-nice part of him decided to not to tell me this n give me a few maddening moments.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

Now on theq upmost on many peoples minds......what did cook :-Dt... I managed (ofcourse with hubbs help) to dish out a sambar, olan, Uperi(Veggie stir Fry) n a payasam.... How did they taste u say? Well I rest my case.... Either of us werent any worst post the lunch :)

So how is the weekend been treating U? I had a good ladies-only time with a dear friend after ages....... Ha at times stepping out minus men is a pleasure :). N then came back home to do a vent-out session of something that is been a bother for some time..... Thank You U donno what a relief it was:)

So here is to a gr8 sunday(Hubbs is not at home n am just gonna laze around.... no cooking, no bathing, no nothing......the best way to spend a holiday!) and a happy week ahead!! N B4 I say good bye a Q 4 u - whats the most imp event coming on this weeK :-D

Wishing You All A Very Happy Vishu!

N for those of you who donno what vishu is ... Hop on here.... Its the Malayalam New Year!

N ha this new year is special.... Special cause its our first one at our first home (Like there are many homes which is gonna follow) and more special cause its the first one in which I play(Yeah Yeah 'Play' is the keyword) the role of 'Stree' @ Home...... Well all these years I could afford to catch a few more winks of sleep while my mom would get the Vishu-Kanikanal ready.... But but this time being left to our own devices lets see how I fare! Well for now am excited... excited like a kid who is got a new game to play :-D

                                             A pic of one of the previous VishuKani

Here is wishing you all a very happy, prosperous New year and please pray that atleast this year seems my one fervent wish coming thru (No q's entertained :-D)

N ofcourse the song that best captures the spirit!

Book Review: The Hindi - Bindi Club!

Ok now no snickering - neither at the funny title nor at the frequency at which am devouring books (Blame it on my hubbs exam schedule!)!!

Ha so on this one - The title seemed a bit cheesy 'The Hindi - Bindi Club!' and the Back page review spoke of 'Relationship between Desi NRI Moms and their First Generation ABCD childern'... Ha U know wht the story line is gonna be - Unhappy parents - Unhappy to be rooted from their motherlands, cultural shocks, Racism and of course the usual ABCD generation saga(American - Born - Confused - Desi).......enuf to make me wary n put the book down!! But picked this again on the booker seller’s recco (Thusi gr8 Ho) and this was a nice surprise read....... Of families, of mother - daughter bonding!

The story is of 3 ladies now well in their 50's or 60's who made US their home post childhood in India n their first generation US Born n bred daughters! The identity crisis that the young ladies face - of the struggle between arranged vs love marriage, of a long-ago-but-not-forgotten love affair that now threatens her marriage, of the not-so-smooth relationship with father, of marrying foreigners, of treading a off-beaten career path (A Q 4 U – Which of these q’s is now lurking on my mind :-D)!! Ha well as with other young brazen people of the world they do not expect their mothers to empathize with it(me too - v guilty in this front) ...... But But dont we conveniently forget the fact that our mothers have been here - done that....... They may not have faced a ditto - to - ditto situation - But give them a chance...After all they are ur mothers n they know u the best!! This is what the book is all about.... N am surprised at the line I just wrote........ something I never consciously thought of even as I finished the book.... goes on to show that the author is indeed done a gr8 job in driving the point home without boring u with sermons :)

For Somebody Special.....

How do you define a relationship where you :

  • Share your darkest secrets without the fear of being judged
  • Say the darnest of things n still know you would be loved no less
  • Do the silliest of the things knowing that you'll still be indulged
  • Can lash out on things that upset you only to be shown the 'silver Lining' which u conveniently missed
  • Feel as guarded as if by a 'Guardian Angel'
  • Can turn to anytime of the day for a dose of sane advise n reality checks
  • 'Are given a 'Cold-Treatment' when u decide to give ur sense of 'right-wrong' a break'!
  • You are encouraged, loved, cajoled, black-mailed, threatened to give things ur best shot
  • You experience what can be nothing else but 'Unconditional Love'
Ha all that I'll say is I feel blessed! (Touchwood)
Join me as I wish the person a very Happy Birthday n a year filled with happiness, health, good luck that they so rightly deserve! N my wish for you this year well the very same thing u thought I was 'insinuating' ........ Years n years of happiness in it! Ha they say I have a 'kari Naak' N what I say comes true.... Well I would trade it for this happiness to be a part of ur life!

Thank You for being what you are :)

PS: Edited to correct 'Are given more than a 'Piece-Of-Mind' when u decide to give ur sense of 'right-wrong' a break' to 'Are given a 'Cold-Treatment' when u decide to give ur sense of 'right-wrong' a break'!

An Consolation Award Is Worst Than No Award!


Edited To Add: But as they say there "Behind Every Cloud is a silver lining" - N when the silver lining is in form of people who ensure that your smile remains intact you know how to count your blessing! Thank You :)

Ha not trying to be secretive or anything here! Just another day at office where I was miffed at being given the award 'Second-Hand' (:-D) but when you have people who take in the extra effort to ensure that the ’Second-Hand' is better than the best ... Now thts bliss :)

Hurray To The Blog Power!!!

Hmmm Blogging till date was just another time pass for me... no stress, no deadlines - just a way to record the silly life of mine!!! Probably why I enjoy doing it... of course the more than generous compliments tht come in even from friends, cousins is all the extra push I need...N then the topping on the cake is when a few of the worst case workaholics read ur blog in an attempt to 'get a Life'.....Ha am in seventh heaven :)

But over a last few instances...blogging is unconsciously taken a new shape! Its my stress n emotional buster now! Ha but the best of all...It has in a way helped me re-discover myself... Try putting down ur random thots N b4 u realize it has taken a new shape – Giving u food for thought! I have been pleasantly surprised by the way I have ripped myself apart (ha I needed that reality check), The way I hv peppered the posts with a few unpleasant truths about ma self(which I would have happily gone to grave with)...

Ha but the reason am on like seventh heaven today (The colleague sitting next to me is wondering why I have this smile plastered on my faces) is a phone call which woke me up at an unholy hour yesterday! It was a cousin of mine......A very much 'no-nonsense' Big bro kinda cousin! So he happened to read my post on Tag of 5ives and there was this line under '5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere' that had him quite worked up and he probed, queried, threatened till I came up with actual truth (a unpleasant one at that)!! Now I had re-written that particular line to ward off these very questions... But the dearest bro of mine hit the nail the moment he read it :). N the surprising part of it all...While he is always been this extra-protective kinda person... He was never known for his extra-sensitive sensibilities! But this concern for me suddenly makes this world a much happier, lighter place to.... A belief that that there is somebody out there whom I can turn to come what may....... A fact that I always knew but a re-enforcemnt like this just makes ur day :)

It doesnt do much to your confidence.....

...... when u know ur hubbs weighs a good 2 kgs lighter than u r......Wail wail wail!!!! N he has the guts to walk behind u n call u a "Thadichi" (Translates to fatty :( ). N u know this is just the beginning of the story... Imagine few years down the line post a child-birth(touchwood!) and atleast 15Kg addition around my waist!!! Lemme not even begin to add how many kgs am already overweight!!!! Howl! Howl! Howl!

Ha this was not really the landmark of the medical tests we did yesterday! On a not-so-brighter side its confirmed that my hubbs indeed has cholesterol n sugar.... Blame it on his bias to beer n non-veg! But he gonna be fazed by it...Na!! He goes around saying "My wifey eats sweets - N I get Sugar!" !!!!! N to top it all gangs up with my mom to get me to cook customized food for him!! Wonder if I ever get to have the last laugh!!

Tag of 5ives!!

Ha with the :) restored back I am more than happy to do this Tag...Thank U Swaram...Hmmm but first tag after so much of blogging...doesnt talk much of my popularity...does it!!

Ha Swaram, couldnt u hv tagged on an easier n not so ‘need-to-use-your-brains’ tag!! Lemme c what I can do here now....

5 pathetically horrible movies you’ve seen:

Hello!! Dont U know tht me no big fan of movies!! N to list 5 pathetical horrible ones.... Well if u promise not to boo at me I'll make a silent exit!! Seriously, in recent times for a movie to hold my attention it better be good... Else its conveniently forgotten n is put into trash box!! So sorry but no names here

5 accessories you can create out of food

Why the hell will I want to make an accessory out of food when I can do much better things with it(to be of course read as eating)! Hmm now now this one I cant feign ignorance, so lemme try getting some inspiration from the forgotten days of Fancy Dress in school!!

• Will a green chilly hanging out of ma ear lobes make for a nice matching ear rings?
• How about a Big round lemon on a string - Will that be counted as a smart pendant piece:-D
• Can a string of green peas be passed off as a bracelet?
• A string of Carrots can be made into a smart belt?
• Can I have a edible pendant made of the purest of chocolates :-D

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at

Ha another difficult one....Ask me 5 places that I would waana be seen at!! Hmmm now lets see what can I churn up here..... Lemme tweak it a bit to read "5 things I hate heading to"

• One of those places that plays that mindless rock Music..... Anybody ever been to those Hard Rock Cafe where people do those mindless head banging...My hubbs for one is a big fan of it! But it gives me creeps!!!
• In a dentist's chair......Blame it on those root canals!! I just cant wait to jump out of the chair!
• Ha now this is strictly for ladies only - From a Gynecology check up!! I hate it when they put their hands at all wrong places....grrrrrrr! N to top it all they give me such glareful looks when I as much as whimper!!!
• In one of those meaningless - stomach crunching giant wheels n other machines u see in those amusement parks! I just hate those n of course it translates to a big affinity for my hubbs....Ooph opposites do attract (or lets say end up together!)
• A day out with anybody in my 'Dont-Like-U' list N me being me the list is long enuf!!

5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere

• That stupid bugger of a person who did the most obnoxious thing ever in ma life! Ha the only reason why I haven’t done that (not that am proud of it) is cause this would make my mom loose all the belief she has on people in the world! But but hasn’t life given him enuf of punishment...I know I know I can be meanish...But well he deserves it thou my heart does go out to his family!
• The horridest of the HOD one can ever have! Made me loose so much of respect that I always hold my teachers with..... Imagine somebody being so jobless that he would snoop into each of students profile in orkut n spread stories...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
• The Molester Cop Mr.Rathore!! Ha so much wanted to post abt him... Thnx Swaram for giving me a chance to bitch abt him!
• Mr. Muthalik of Pink Chaddi Day! Lets add all the politicians who makes this places less than a happy place to live in!!
• Mr.Manager at my ex-company - The one who cropped a sense of non confidence in me which took ages to brush off!!

5 things you’d do to scare anybody

Hee Hee.... Lemme try n come up with some loony ideas here just to lighten up the mood post the last paragraph!!

• Ha sing a song for You!! Am sure people would run miles away if I as much as try humming a song :)
• How about a dance!! Me with my two left more than capable to make sure u end up with a fractured leg...he he he!
• Or possibly cook for You! Whip up a full fancy meal minus any help from my dearest hubbs...Now now I waana c how many of them would dare try it(I possibly love my hubbs a little more just for this bravado act of his...Imagine eating what I cook with a straight face :) )
• Offer to make a important power point presentation!! Now if u worked with me u know what am talking of...ROFL!
• Or how about trusting me with ur most expensive, fragile piece of cutlery, watch, flower vase, jewellery,... U get the flow rt! Before u know it I can vouch to do irreparable damage to it thnx to my butter fingers(or as my hubbs says Ghee-Fingers :) )

Thnx Swaram! I truly enjoyed doing this Tag :)

Snippets Of My Personality!

Ha I was one of those who always thot  I knew myself fairly welll... But then things happen in your life n u realize hidden snippets of urself... Na na not a sudden hidden facet of ur personality...But something that u always were right from good old school days but u never realized!!

Here are a few such snippets that I suddenly relaized during last few days:

  1.  My motivation to work is never the 'Work'....Its the person for whom I do the work! N if it so happens that I no big fan of anybody there then I end up doing a medicore job (Even if u scare me or threaten me) but if me a fan of the person I cocnciously put in a effort and try giving it my best!! Ha now I realize thts been how it is been all my life...My fav subject at school would be the subject taught by my fav teacher! Now that explains my below average marks in Maths post grade 8 when untill then I was almost the topper in the subject!! N also possibly my not so exemplary perfromance in work till date!! Hmm yeap me trying to put in the eforts at work now :)
  2. If I am sad - sad abt things outta my control like how I am now ~~ I conciously make a effort to reach out to more people and try plastering a smile on my face! I outdo it so much that as my Tintin says "Sounds Like U in a high after being sloshed up"!! N all this high just goes pssst the momment am alone or hit the bed!
Hmm so much for my personal awakening!!!

Heavy At Heart!

Heavy.....Heavy at heart.... is what u feel when you see somebody dear very dear in Grief.... N U know there is nothing you can do or say to comfort them!

After all the life is theirs to lead, the choices are theirs to make.... But what compounds the feeling is when u know that few things happening in their life is out of their own control! N to make matters worst U know the person doesnt deserve even a bit of shit that they are putting up with n they are in this junk cause well people donno how to appreciate goodness n just takes them for granted!

Ha how I wish I could walk upto them n give a Munna Bhai style Jaadu-Ki-Jappi and magically makes things better!!! But well well decorum demands that u just cant do a few of these things.......