Book Review: The Secret Graden

'Secret Garden' is a childrens' classic written by Frances Hodgson Burnett which i happened to read v recently n have concluded tht this is must-read for all irrespective of age. This book opens ur eyes to many small things that you may unitentionally be shutting out n makes u realize tht happiness is just
a state of mind!

The book revolves around a small girl Mary who is born with all luxuries in wrld except that her parents do no have any time or affection for her n she makes life more miserly for herself n everybody around her. But everything changes when her parents die of Cholera n she is sent off to England to live with her uncle.Even here the story is no different, a widowed uncle who has no time for her or even for his own son (thou in this case its more out of sorrow of dead wife n 'invalid' son).

But life takes a turn for little Mary when she decides to explore the gardens around her big house after being inspired by the stories of adventures tht her maid's little bro is having with animals n plants! She makes friends with a little birdie in garden who takes helps her in finding the 'Secret Garden' N Lo and behold things change for better not just for her but also her cousin(uncle's invalid son)!

The moral of the sory tht one appreciates life only if we are engaged in some activity which we enjoy n take pleasure in small things around us is well driven home! A few of the sections are so beautifully described tht one is bound to be full of enrgy ourslves n suddenly take to gardening :)
A must read for kids n especially adults who have forgotten to enjoy the small things in life!