What is the curve in the mouth that sets things straight?

Ok now if you know the answer to the above question, you can cal me dumb ~~~ I graciously take a bow! N if u dont ~~ dont fret ~~ the answer is "Smile" ! Damn! simple isnt it!!

But well me ~~ am the dumber~~ N what better place to declare it to the world than on FB! Yea yea thts exactly wht I do ~~ Comment For the world to c on ma hubbs FB Status msg.... somebody kill me! N the smart bugger that he is, makes me google n find the answer....grrrrr! But me the poor modest self still liked his status msg....

I tried to sell my troubles away
And have a peaceful day
But then I realized troubles, however few
teaches you life's virtue
Finally when you are out of the gate
...You have a curve in your mouth that sets everything straight !! :-) 

Well written isnt it... I been telling him that he should get back to writing, but hmpf!                                       


  1. Nice really nice :)
    Get bk to writing Mr.Meena ;)

  2. Iyaee.... Viddi Kushmandum...dum...dumb LOL..