Jan 31 2011.....

Promises to be a bigggg day :( Sigh!!!!  Well I jus hope that by end of day I have a curve in my mouth that sets everything straight !! :-)

Yo yo ofcourse u r supposed to send me best wishes n prayers!

The Bloggers Truth!

Aint this so true :-D LOL

(Pic Courtesy: TOI - Blore Edition)

The Bangalore Flea Market!

How many times have u aawed when u hv read abt a flea market somewhere abroad n the people ooh-aahing abt finding a 'thrift' find... well I hv! N guess wht I found this weekend ~~ Bangaloorus own thrift market :). N if u thinking am talking of some ;Theme' party happening in a swanky store or mall u couldnt be more mistaken! This place is a small lane tucked into one of the by lanes in Jayanagar :-D

I will let the below pics do rest of the talking

A plethora of Items!

A closer look :)

Trinket Boxes ~~ Lamps ~~ Candle Stands!

My Thrift Find :-D

Now Now I know 'Flea Market' aint the word for it! 'Pooja Items' lane is how this by lane is termed ....... N u'll find everything from the obvious pooja items to trinkets to veggies to ghee-butter to shoes!

Ofcourse a find like this is to be tagged onto the colors Deckor weekend wrapup :)

A long time ago

Ok I agree... its fri eve... Am jobless... all am doing is waiting up for grr of ma hubbs to pick me up(who is been saying 5 mins for last 1 hour)!! N this is a post tht I hv been seeing on-n-off on diff blogs I hop on to... so using "jobless" as the only plausible excuse, read on....

20 years ago I . . .

1. Was in what??? Standard 4, 5(Ha! Seems light years away now!)
2. Dint know a thing about Birds-N-Bees(Now now where did this line of thot pop in??)
3.Thot ma working-mom(was a rarity then) is a super-woman! (Something I unlearned in years to come - Only to learn it again post marriage)

10 years ago I . . .

1. Was Itching to get away from ma engineering school
2. Was a hopeless Nerd! (U gonna give it to me - I am bluntly honest!)
3. Just discovered the WWW n on verge of some online-romance(Hopeless! I say)

5 years ago I . . .

1. Was discovering the luxuries of Financial Freedom n of a working-Lady!
2. Was waiting for ma prince-in-armour to whisk me off(yea yea thts pathetic I was!)
3. Was still a much-pampered daddy's girl(Ha! How I miss that now)

3 years ago I . . .

1. Yosh! Am married :)
2. Was hopelessly trying(not really!) to mix-n-match home-work n the roles of wife-daughter-DIL-Sis!
3. Was blissfully ignorant of the games of life n thots its one bigggg party(No! shhh u... I don think so anymore!)

1 year ago I . . .

Now this is getting boring, Hop on here to find out what twenty-ten was!

So far this year I . . .

1. Have fallen head-over-heels in love with ma hubbs(ANTI JINX)
2. Have learnt what it means to cry for a loved one!
3. Waiting-n-waiting for the much-awaited good news(Ho no! I continue to be pathetic)

Yesterday I . . .

1. Well had ma heart broken.... I Hope thats a prospect which never comes tru! Other side of coin.... Heard a news that I hope turns to reality soon
2. Hosted a most-awaited-guest at ma home :)
3. Had idli-sambar for breakfast(Whts tht u said! C'mon how many unique things do I do in a day!).

Today I . . .

1.Am waiting-n-waiting for ma hubbs to pick me up!
2. Took the effort to dress-up after ages... Wrap-around skirt n all :)
3. Need not cook :). Thnx to ma visiting MIL N Grand-Mom!

Tomorrow I will . . .

1. Eat yum yum food (reason in point 3 in the above section)
2. Click some pics of yum yum food for the weekend-wrapup (No no that doesnt classify as pathetic)
3. Ha I dono!!! In surprise lies the spice of life :)

In the next (coming) year I will ..... Hmmmm ......... Plz feel free to fill this up now :).

This is fun... Go ahead n try it!

Whats Right - Whats Wrong?

Ever been in a situation where u dono whats right - whats wrong? Sadly, the weight of the decision is gona be a big deciding factor on not urs but a dearest persons life! N well too many factors tilting the decision towards the not-so-rosy option... Not an situation I ever waana be in :(

I keep ma fingers crossed as I take this decision... I hope things fall in place for them! I hope the accusations I heard prove tpo be false... I hope despite all the misgivings the person continues to lead a happy-blissful Life! I hope this doesnt remain just another wishful thinking!

Plz wish me n the person lotta luck! Somebody needs loads-n-loads of it!

The Greatest Equalizer!

Go ahead, take a guess as to what could be the greatest equalizer esp in our country where u hv the richest of the richest n well the poorest of poorest too!!

Ok how about this? Pani-Puri Waala :-D. C'mon come to think of it..... How many times hv u seen a prim-n-proper aunty-uncle-boy-girl types jostle for a space with your milk waala- sabji waala all for a plate of paani-puri :) Nee nee not the mineral water kinds - I tell ya - U waana taste the best pani-puri\Puchkaas hop onto the push-cart - cycle waalas! Ha nothing like a plate of them to spice up ur day.... LOL!

Pic Courtesy - Google!

200th :-D

Ha!! Here comes the magical no. of 200 .... A quick one I should say (100 posts in 8 months is quick.... aint it). So celebration time it is... N wat betta way to celebrate than announcing the new entrant to ma home(Nooo not the goods news entrant)... Its our new Car "The Indido E-CS"....:-D
U Like it??

But naaa... jus something materialistic marking a imp milestone in ma blog space... Now now that seems to make it incomplete! So heres to more warm - personal updates which makes life-is-all-good!  Just a random msg from a cousin who seeing there sno FB Update or blog post wonders if all is welll... Enuf to get a smile back on ur face huh :)

Now  Now with the new car comes the hunt for accessories.... N if this bought images of some fancy fog light, sun -shades or all those crappy things ... u couldnt hv been more wronger! I was talking of those statues of God that usually adorn the dashboard n such (Go ahead - roll ur eyes). Now now how many of u would be happier with these being gifted by a dearie person as compared to a diamond studded collectible(Ok tht had an amount of exaggeration involved)! Now I had ma eyes on a particular 'dearie'..... But getting the msg across subtly(I know I suck at tht) without hurting hubbs sentiments(Who belives Gifts should be 'Gifted' n not 'asked'!)  seemed a task in itself! So think of ma reaction whn the person surprises me with the very accessories I had in mind without me even asking for it..... :-D. Here take a glimpse of one of it (The pic does no justice to it! Its a beauty I swear)


Linking this up to the Weekend-wrap up thou strictly speaking the car made its  appearance on Thursday :).

The Bloger Meet!

So so I attended a blog meet tooo...... Courtesy Akshaya Patra n IndiBlog!

So how did I like it?? "Interesting" is the word I will use....

It was fun to meet the fellow bloggers..... somebody who is travelled 11 countries in 11 states to a restaurant owner(somebody who lets out his space for any of ur non-religious meets free of cost! N free Food tooooo) to a physically challenged blogger to a few techies(For whom blogging is abt ad-sense, Money-making n hit ratio... Boring!) to a ex-colleague to a few soon-to-be-authors to a wow designer (he cant speak a word of english... But man his work speaks or what) ! Haa so people it is tht as usual spices up everything ... Jus sitting back n watching them from a distance can be fun(It was LOL to see some of those men hitting on PYTs! Men never learn do they)!!!

Ha did I tell ya tht ma blog was picked among the top 20 blogs of the bloggers gathered there(Thou I guess it was a random pick). But it was picked... thts the point isnt it :-D ... got a lovely Photo-book too for tht :-D N then they were distributing a few of Iskcon's prize winning photos... Whats the criteria u asked? Well some silly contest... which I ofcourse didnt win but couldnt stop drooling over the pretty-innocent faces in the pics n so shamelessly put up ma hand n came home with one!!! Howwzaaat!!!!
The Innocence ~~ Thnx AkshayaPatra for preserving this!

This post wouldnt be complete until I write abt AkshayaPatra... Do hop on Here..... But 4 Now I will let these pics do the talking!

Thts exactly what Akshaya Patra Does!

N all they asking for is a little more publicity online! So do hop on n do ur bit if u can!

The aaaw! Location where the meet happened - The ISKCON Temple!

An Engaging Affair - IV

Now now no snickering...... This is ma space... So if u think its silly plzz shoo off from here!

Yeah ladies-n-gentleman ... so it was 4 years since we got bethroned...... N surprise surprise (no no its no surprise tht hubbs springed on me)... this time there was NO CELEBRATION ... Hmpf! Part of settling down?? I dono... I Hope not.... N funnily enuf the absence of 'Gift excahnge - Eating Out' didnt make it seem as if anything was amiss(Man! Didnt I tell ya growing is boring... No No No No!!!)

Ha ha but did I tell ya that at times so many things fall in place that a day like this continues to remain special! End of day saw me loaded with gifts(No no - the credit aint for hubbs; Its to ma dearest frnds) ~~ from A new pair of jeans to wine to cake to jewellery box  to new top to to a artificial-plant(cause well somebody believes I cant for life of me grow a plant... Now isnt tht supposed to be a insult) .....All the things in list except the jeans is thnx to  ma dearest sabs who came back from her vacation loaded with all these goodies for me :-D

So thts the gifting part taken care! Dinner u said?? Tossing up aloo parthas as clock ticks midnight watching a mindless crime thriller(Grrr Mr. Hubbs).... Does tht by any stretch of imagination count as "Romantic" :-D

N how could I not mention this ~~ YoooHooooo!!! I went to the first bloggers meet ~~ courtesy IndiBlog n came back with more goodies! But more abt it later!!!

Ha don I love the way the things fall in place over the weekend as if jus so that I make ma entry in the weekend wrapup :-D


If u hv read this space on-n-off u obviously know abt this special somebody - the stabilizing factor in ma life... The person I owe this year to.....

Hmm now u know how imp she is in ma life! Now now what do I do when I see her life going from bad to worst... N all I can do is step back n look on helplessly! How is that fair ~~ A person who pulls me out from every crisis(real or imagined; big or small) n when she is in trouble all I can do is be helpless! Thts some screwed up law of life :( or thts the screwed up me... I dono! N esp when the events happening over last few days is disturbing n scary n something tht cant be forgiven!!! ?(N thts the under-statement of the year)

Bupossibly in the worst lies a light at the end of the tunnel... Man! I cant wait to see her getting pout of this damn tunnel n embracing well deserved happiness!!!!

Glass of wine Anyone...

But b4 tht do you the niceties of tasting one??

Swirl your glass of wine gently, stick your nose in the glass, take a deep sniff and sit back as aroma of wine overwhelms your taste buds.......

Oooo! Sounds heavenly n so very Not-me huh :-D! Well well this is a piece of advise that ma hubbs is been trying to get into ma head (with luck thou!) for last 3 years... Lol!

But surprise surprise... yest I thot I hit the 'Wine Niravana'!... .. I actually found ma self taking in an appreciative sniff b4 each sip of wine! Yosh yosh! It had ma eyes popping out tooo..... "Ha! Must be the quality of wine" thot ma gloating self ~~ after all aint it completely home brewed !! (Thnx Sabs dear for tht... I loved It :-D) .......

Hic Hic Hic said ma heart happily but ma restless mind knew there should be something more n tht saw me alternating between sniffing the wine - n then the glass n then soon ma hands(!!!!)....You are allowed to rolll ur eyes..... until it found the culprit!! hmpf!! ma bubble broken!

Here is the real story.... It so transpired taht I had chopped a handful of coriander jus b4 this wine tasting session.... n tht ma dearies was the reason for 'Snif Snif' ..... But trust me the smell of coriander mixed with home-made rose wine does give u a heady high feeling.... Gosh!!!!

Howwzz this for ma exotic-smell find :-D

Lousy,Obnoxious and Bitchy!

... So said ma FB status a few days back(OMG jus realized it was on Jan 1!)

Ha!! The sadistic pleasure of coming up with the choicest of the terms that describes the person u hv in mind to the 'T' :-P. Well well b4 u applause for me.... lemme take a bow n pass the credit to another frnd who came up with this worldly wise description!! LOVED IT :-D

2010 - Meme!

Now don ask me what meme is - am clueless!!! But saw this @ Swarams n decided why not!! Seems kinda interesting.. .. The idea of this meme is to create a sort of collage of your blog over the past year. What you need to do is take the first line of each month’s first post over the past year, and see what it tells you about your blogging year. (Exact Lines courtesy Swaram again :-D)

So here we go:

'Hiya! I hv gone a level up'...
 Day 1 2010 -  ha those were the days of hubbs farmville addiction -Boy! am I happy tht he is got out of it - well thts his resolution of the year!

What do you do post a fight with hubbs.......
 Hmm thts hubbs again - One of the many fights tht spice up the life n:-D. Remind me this line the next time I pick a fight... N I bet I will eat u up alive... LOL!

Any BPL dole please?
Yikes! This seems to be soon turning into ma fav topic - ma leaky wallet ofcourse!!!

Heavy At Heart!
Hmm thts a post on one of ma fav people... But a sad co-incidence ~~ shes going thru the same heart burn now - thou the reasons are diff - A bigg hug to u! I so cant wait for the D day to come!!

What does ur Blog say about u!!
Hmmm a interesting link... Predicts ur personality based on ur blog! Howwzaat??? Give it a shot... Its fun for sure :)

How do you Feel....
Oooh Man! This post is abt 6 months old now..... we went on first(n thankfully the only atleast for me) test drive to pick a new car!! N co-inicdence (na should be laziness) the car is atlast booked (yea a good half year flew by) n is now in transit :)

I am a Sinful Wo’Man’!!!
Tht is for sure what I was last year... LOL!

My Table Top!
Ha This is for sure a co-incidence... This is the 1st time I linked up to whats now become a sure pit stop for me.... ColorsDeckor!

Good News & Other Relationships...
Ha Another of ma fav topics... Good news :-D
A new Facet of Life!
Thts about the new role at work!

PotLuck AaHo!
Can a yearly round-up post of mine not talk of foodie... Remember me a FOODIE :-D

Yet ANother Weekend!
Ofcourse this has to be there - the current fav feature in blog space.... Weekend Wrapsups ... Its Fun :-D

Not bad huh... Jus a random pick of 12 posts covered all the highlights of the year... I know a few are missing.... Hols, Books, sis.......

But it was fun :-)

A Culinary Delight... Yummmm!!!

Hmmm this year till date is been what I will call the culinary delight :-D

Day 1: Fishy-Fish N then Beef Steaks!
Day 2: Mutton Kheema Cutlet, Mutton-Nalli Soup, Mutton Curry-Rice
Day 3: Pork The Goan Style N yum yum X-mas Cakes@
Day 4: Egg Burji!! Whts spl u say ~~ Ha imagine its tossed with sausages N Cheese..... Yum isnt it!!!

Mouth Watering huh :-D! Almost all of this except day 3 is courtesy Hubbs ~~ Truly marriages are made in Heaven arent they :-D!

Now now pity is I was so busy gorging down the foood tht taking pic was last thing on ma mind(I know thts a big NO NO for a blogger... But kya kare paapi pet ka sawaal he!) except the steaks which is of course courtesy hubba again... No no dont go abt praising him... He was so proud of his culinary skills that he had to put it on FB.... N so the pic!

Trust the pic does no justice to the taste!!!!!!!

Now Now did I tell ya tht day 1 (Yea thts the Jan 1 we talking of) ~~ The dinner was the traditional(2 years in a row makes it tradition... doesnt it :-D) 'Candle-Light' Dinner! The venue this time around? Ma Balcony....

Yosh ~~ The tea light holder is indeed the almost Tea Cups! Speaks of hubbs trust in ma 'Creative Skills'... Hmpf!

Ha but well theres bound to be a dark cloud aint it ~~ One person v dear in life is going thru the worst mental agony :(.... I so wonder why this stupid misery during what should be the best time in her life... Am so v awaiting the sun behind these clouds to emerge ... Time shes had her share of happiness!!!!! N the other????? Ha! Lets call it a stupid physical ailment(No questions entertained :-D) which is surfacing on-n-off causing not jus mental stress but a big leak on ma already empty wallet... sob sob!!! Aint u gonna pray for us plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

Hmmm  life is a double edged sowrd huh... Lotta happiness peppered with enuf of miseries! Nothing is picture perfect... But but aint it upto to decide what I let overrule ma life... the colors of joy or misery! Well atleast for now I hv decided to make peace with what I hv - N so Joy it is :). Letta hope this optimism continues n not let the droopy face budge in.... Aamen!

This ofcourse is ma entry to the first weekend wrapup of the year ..... I cant miss tht Can I :)

So U 2011..... Huh!

Me: So 2011 here u come.... huh!
2011: (Almost Narcastically): Wake up Lady! Am almost a day old now! 
Me: (Like thts gonna poof me off) Hmmm so u gonna be nice n treat me n all of them dear to me nice??(Ok ok am still selfish)
2011: (With a v  bemused expression) Huh! What did u jus say????
Me: (This discussion aint going anywhere) C'mon be a sport n I promise to look back at u with fondness
2011: (Almost on verge of a LOL) Hoooo!!!
Me: (Ooph!) After all Don u add up to '4'
2011: (With a expression varying bn she-is-lost-it n a glint of interest)  So???
Me: (Seeing a light at tunnel) Did I tell u no '4' is ma No... Lucky or not I dono... U c ma n even hubbs Birth date adds upto 4(22nd N 13th resp), Our weddin date(31st)  too n even the day we first met adds upto 4(22nd again)  n na EMP ID at this place n job no.1 adds up to 4 (089860 - 19237) ......Now isnt the some co-incidence!!! (Going full speed N not letting 2011 budge in) ....... So so make 2011 memorable n something tht I will look back with fondeness!
2011: (Hmm interesting!) So whts ur Wish-list??
Me: (Hooo! Yooo I won) Errr... Now thts a long List :-D. Lemme c where do I start......... Let this Stability pahse continue plzzz... I seem to be liking it(Man! I jus cant believe I typed this!) N u can pitch in with the much awaited Good News Please :-D . N well more importantly - I so waana hear wedding bells ring for 2 most imp people in ma life ... One is this n the other for ma sis :-D....... I guess I will stop at this atleast as far as the  the concrete measurable wish-list is concerned ... Abt the rest......
2011: (Why Did I let her open her mouth!) Stop Now! Hooo I gotta betta things to do.....

Ho u reached all the way here n u still didnt understand a bit of wht I wrote... No no I dint lose it neither am I sloshed! This is a conversation(imaginary ofcourse!) bn me n the year 2011(BTW do u think 2011 is a he or a she - I vote for a she! After all most of the spl people in am life are all ladies... yea me zapped too!!!)

On this note wishing u all a happy, wonderful, gr8 year ahead! Yea yea u gotta wish me the same too n also pray in that ma wishes do come true (Only if wishes were horses ... huh!)