Frnds N Blogs!

Now Now am the persons who takes more than the warranted time to warm up to a person - there is a 'measuring-Up' of the person churning inside ma mind... Once processed its easier for me to comprtmentalize them n decided the treatment they get... varying from 'warm' to 'Ice Cold'! But well when data processing is happening am this diplomatic artificial-smile-plastered uncomfortable dame!

Haa But surprsie of surprises - Other day I was at a wedding(Ho! another of ma fav topics) when I meet this copule for the first time in ma life - Now I hv heard enuf of them - they are more of ma in-laws family friends daughter n hubbs (all the more reason for the artificial smile plastering :-D). But well well in the very first line of intro the couple tell me tht they are regular readers of ma blog :-D..... Ha there was this happy-warm feeling n all of a sudden am in ma comfort zone! No more hand wringing n more smile-till-u-ache ......... what followed is a nice warm conv like I hv always known them....... For somebody whos been thru ma blogs know me for wht I am so why bother to paint a false pic :) Wow how much is this blogging got integrated into the kinda person I am... Am loving it!

Moni-suresh if u read this..... It was a pleasure to meet u! U guys are one hell of a couple... God Bless! N ofcourse thank U fo reading ma blog..... Here is wishing u v happy life ahead with ur litt angel :)


  1. hey meena,

    Had some time and thought i would catch up on ur blog. What a surprise to see our names! It was a pleasure to meet u guys too and yes there was no need for artificial smiles. We felt that we knew u for ever. Great job blogging and keep up the good work!


  2. He he! Thnx Moni... N BTW I forgot to upload tht Red Chilli Salasa bowl pic ~~ Pravin is in love with the Red chilli :-D