Happy Anniversary To Us :)

Yea Yea... Its our anniv tommo.... the 31st of aug.... our 3rd one.... Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

3 years of madness, learning, fighting, happiness, tears, sorrows, laziness, grief, stupidity, indulgenesss...... Tht I guess defines our life! Love u Pravinaaa. Muah!!!

So people wish us a gr8 year ahead...... N how many of them I hear wondering when u gonna hear "Good News"... patience dearies patience!

PS 1: It also marks a year of our moving into our first home together!N as usual with us everything is gotta hvave a hint of madness involved..... Ha wht mess the house wa sin when we moved last year... Wood work incomplete, painting still in progress... Omigosh! Thank God for mothers!

PS 2: I got a gift!!! Yea yea yea yea!! 2 pairs of beautiful swarowski ear drops..... N it was a surprise n the foolish me couldnt just stop grinning ear to ear....... He knows how to smitten his wife! But but so tht he hears it loud n clear the next time I prefer a watch...a big dial one at that ......Wink Wink!

BTW am I allowed to be piized with all near n dear ones who miss my anniv tommo... Plzzz say yes!

Happy Onam!

So how did Onam treat u?

Well my Onam was office work n loads of it... But well atleast was at home thru the day! SO well no complaints..... But the biggest highlight?? Na na not tht Pookalam... I know it looks amateurish to say the least!! Tht piece of cake is taken by culinary skills... Yea Yea I atlast managed to dish out sambar tht tasted like one :) Now b4 u shoo me off as a hopeless case(I agree I am) c'mon this isnt bad... afterall in 3 years I hv made sambar just thrice (One 4 each onam u c:-D)

23rd of August!

Ha marks a year since the 'Gruhapravesam' of our home.... N now b4 u groan n say 'yet another anniversary'.... lemme assure u this post is no anniversary spl! Putting this up here more for sake of preserving the wonderful memories....

Of course the memories are wonderful... Our first 'own home' (n i hope not the 'only'..... yeah yeah am materialistic enuf) .... isnt tht spl! But ha if u had asked me tht q a year back... I would hv probably eaten u up alive... LOL! Cause tht is how crazy it was to balance a job(a few months old one at tht... three cheers to my mgr) n supervise ur home(ha! thnk god for mothers)!! I still am amazed tht two good-for-nothing (yeah yeah am being modest) partners like us ended up buying a flat(tht in itslef calls for a party)! Exactly wht my FIL thot! He was so sure tht we were good-for-nothing tht he almost took next flight to B'lore when we announced thius grand plan of buying the flat to him... he was half sceptical tht we gonna end up in a scam .... Wink wink!

So after much deliberation(for our parents) we decided to hv the house warming ceremony in august(whats with August n ma hubbs... he is born., married, bought his first car n now the flat.... all in month of august... ooph!) ...... N couldnt we hv chosen a better day(possibly not) .... the day co-incides with one of the holiest days for Indians....Ganesh Chaturthi...... Ha! Now while the holy part is gr8 on the flip side getting a pundit to do the ganapathi-homam at a reasonable hour was we;ll next to impossible... so we ended up having our house warming pooja at good 3 in the morn... yea yea i know we n drama are inseparable! Now now u rolling ur eyes n saying "Gosh! U woke up so early" well well I gotta sheepishly agree tht when pooja started I was still sleeping.... sshhhhh!!! No boooing!

Ha so ths hurdle 1 crossed - now the imp part(the most imp part u c) ... yea yea u on dot ... ofcourse we talking of food here :)... for all the foodie I am we decided to go n hire people who can be best described 'amateurs'(kinda suits us dont u think)......  so while he managed to pull off the breakfast the lunch was... well lets say not just the tastiest kerala food u hv had in ur life.... But luckily for us there wernt many who were true kerala food concousiuers!

N the people who really made the day for us.... Family N Friends!Family who were there with us from the word 'go'.... with help in all forms.... Money, time, encouragement! N Friends... right from my boss, colleague to satyam friends.....Your just being there meant quite a bit!

N now to the D-Day attire! Both of us were dressed in our wedding day dress.. Typical kerala white white! Other than the obvious paisa vasool arent both occasions symbolic of a new chapter in our lives..... N just  so tht u do somme ooohs-haas the sari I wore for the post-pooja sessions was picked up on one of our sojourns to Kanchi....a beautiful double-shaded green-maroon sari... it was love at first sight... if not for me atleast for ma hubbs! Lemme put this on record...... WIth hubbs anything he picks up are all love at first sights.... But the prob with it is nothing else is even given a glance once his heart is taken!! Hmm good as well as bad!

This post wouldnt be complete before saying a thank u to the usual suspects....sabs - bins.... well we bought our little home thnx to them :)


Hmpf..... I remember reading somewhere that expectations are bane of all our happiness! True isnt it..... N all said n done I am a person who thinks with mind not heart in most of the situations..... So in just the remotest of the situations when I let ma heart rule over my mind..... why why why should I be so badly let down!!!

While thts one extreme, on the other hand u hv friends who u in all ur mightiness dont realize their goodness n just take them for granted, go out of their way n welcome u home with a home made hot soup n dinner..... Just so that u get relief from the 'cold' tht u been throwing so much of drama around n give u all the attention in world u want... Thnx sabi :)

Hmmm... possibly this is life! One door opens when the other closes..... But truly this is one door that I wished always remained open for me! Please please lemme in n dont shut me out......

Life Moves On......

Ha its sad when people pass away (ask me, I hv lost one of the most precious peoples in ma life... I know the insecurity n fears n loss tht it brings long... something tht I know I cant shrug off 4 life!) but sadder when its a young life thts blown off!!

Yest after a exhilarating day at office(ethnic wear, face painting, ramp walking... the usual corp-style fun!) n a family -dinner I came home dead tired but happy! Just b4 I hit the sack, I was doing the usual browsing when I see a update on a young girl's death! As I read on realized that she n her mom are both bloggers..... Yea I hv read her mom's blog on n off thou was never an active follower of it...... N yeap I read of her daughter being unwell in diff blogs but dismissed thinking it as the usual moms getting worked up on a small-baby-falling-sick routine (dont get me wrong here... I know its a mothers love.... I just meant I assumed it to be nothing serious)!

N it was just yest that it hit me that the baby in ma mind was in reality a young lady of 18 or 19! N as I read her blog for the first time it was heart wrenching to say the least.... A life budding with dreams, hopes is been blown offf!!!! N the pic of the young lady ... the one which is ready to embrace a life... is something which'll remain etched in ma memmory for sometime! My heart goes out all the more to her mother who took the heart-breaking step to update her  blog with news of her death..... Hug to you! Life just doesnt seem fair at all!

May the young girl rest-in-peace and her mom find the courage to move on!!!

Edited to write: I couldnt help thinking of how in a skewed way so many of our lives run parlelly... I statred ma blog just days after my dearest dadu darlu passed away.....

Friday The 13th.....

... is the B'day of ma hubbs dearest ... couldnt hv fallen on a better day I say :-D

Pravinaaaa......... Got a lot to write on the year that was...... But possibly will park tht for the anniversary post coming soon :)!

Started writing off this post with some high funda senti stuff... but well well truth remains tht its just not u! So well will just say this... My Peter Pan(now the romantic thing to say would be "never ever grow up"... But But Ho no!) enjoy ur life the way u always do with no worry of anything...... The biggest of frowns n headaches are shooed off with no second thots (Yea yea I know I do ur share of worrying Too :-D)! May this year see you do a lot of travelling, reading, farm-villing(yikes), trekking, TTing, Writing, Cooking(:-P) (Did I miss out  on any of ur fav activities) n probably we will buy your long cherished car too!! Doesnt this wish-list sound like tht of a teenage boy - well thts exactly wht u r... So how the hell do I talk of u becoming a father!! (Yeah yeah I can hear the retort - "Son is the father of child") ! Love U.... Muah!

Here Enjoy over ur fav Dark-choc cake !!!

Well the 'Chilly' there comes from his famous habbit of having Raw chillies along with food! N b4 u guys applaud ma creativity, lemme clarify the credit for this goes to his office colleagues...... This is a pic from one of the old archives :)

Corner Of ma home!

ea! Yea! Me kinda jobless n hv nothing much to write of... so put up with me as I show u another corner of ma home....

The wall just beside the fav corner of ma hubbs in entire house - any guesses?? Yea Yea what else but his bar-unit :)

N as with other corners its the knick-knacks collected, the memories that they bring which makes them spl...... The bottom most cask is from what I know the traditional Fenny holder bought on our visit to Goa! The knives above been picked - one from sikkim, one from darjeeling on our Honeymoon(Our home has this big collection of knives thnx to hubbs dearest - Will do a knives spl post soon :)) N the pic at the top.... A gift on our house warming.... But doesnt it kinda go so well beside a bar unit !! Hope u enjoyed this corner :)

Ha on another comp diff note - u in B'lore then drop in @ Dastakaar - A exhibition happening in Palace grounds, a notch diff from the usual arts-crafts exhib tht usually populate the city! I picked a pretty skirt, a tie-n-dye kinda kurti n then there are these interesting puppet shows n not to forget some yum-yum chats n kulfis :)

A Long Way to Go!

My FB Status msg yest said "Ooph!! Big Day Tommo!! Not looking fwd to it at all :("!

Indeed today was a long day... @ Work n personal front!! Ha now the day is come to a close... N well with many other things it dint turn out to be as bad as I imagined it to be but doesnt mean it was a cake walk either! N funnily enuf the status of both the things (@work n @ personal front) reads "Work In Progress.... A looooooooooong way to go"!!! Plz plz wish me luck!!

But ofcourse for each day there is a silver lining...... isnt it there? In form of friends who go out of their way to pick up things 4 u..... Imagine somebody walking up n down the market road just to pick up a particular shade of salwar that u hv in mind... Thnx Sabs!!!

N then there are people who u in ur moment of madness (n self-pity) decide to 'dovorce' them from ur life but well well they still manage to creep in(Well not diif when I cant keep my big mouth shut!) n well make u feel loved!

@ PageTurners

Hey I dropped in there yest... Just the day after it opened :-D! Now Now dont get too smart n ask unnecessary q's on what I was doing there in mid of week...

Lemme now get onto a quick review of PageTurners.... N if u wondering what its hop on here . So how did I like the place? Yea Yea  granted the place has all penguin publications in one roof.... a nice effort n liked their arrangement too.... But but how abt making it a bit more cosy? The days of buying the books just by reading the back cover is kinda  over..... so possibly dropping in a seat or two here n there so that people can do a quick read n decide to buy it or not? A small addition but I guess something that gives a book store a feel of a 'Hang-out'.... Agreee?? 

But the hottest thing abt it should be the location... Bang on MG Road just a few hops away from Baton center..... A yum yum street for all book lovers... so widely interspersed are the book stores... the Higginbotthoms, Gangarams, DC books n the second hand book  stores... Bookworm n many others n then not to forget the Pirated book sellers! Which translates to a bag stuffed with books n a hole in pocket... But am a happy soul now... picked up the latest of Jeffrey Archer, sidney sheldon, Japanese Wife and a book on kerala(this come with sabs recco... should be good!).... so look out for some reviews in this space soooonnn!

Ha after the soul-pooja time for some peth pooja?? Hopped onto KC das just a few feet away...... N ate up the yum aloo-Poori, Mishti-Dhoi n then just another few feet away is the Bowrings Kulfi... I just love their Pista flavour! N almost 3 years after being in B'lore did I find their oulet... sad v sad for a foodie like me :(. But no worries... will make up for lost time in no time at all... LOL!

My Table Top!

Rather my 'Breakfast Counter' top!! Ofcourse there is a catch here!! Strictly speaking its no table... its a granite counter... But well it doubles up as ma dining table, breakfast table n even ma Laptop table :-D!

Does it look pretty?? All my pickle pots(picked on a trip to Kerala)  neatly lined up .......I love its reflection!

Na Na me not on a house showing spree!! Was on my usual blog hopping spree, when I cam across this interesting post! A simple but fun post... isnt it??? Do go ahead n take up this tag!

Ha ma mom was grrrr when she saw the size of the pickle pots n the price I paid for them(exhobriant as per)! The ones used traditionally at home are at least 50 times bigger n cheaper :). But well doesn't the diminishing size of something so very traditionalist so much reflect our changing times.......

PS: All pickles in ma house are courtesy ma hubbs for whom food is synonymous with spicy food so much tht he has raw chillies with his food daily!! Mr. Hot he :-P!