The story of a 'T(ee)'!!

Ha I know whts running in your mind..."ooph!!! Are u in dearth of subject Add Videothat u write a blog on T-shirt .....Come on Get a Life"!! Now before u make such unfair comments please read on......

No No No.....The post is indeed abt one of the many 'T' of my hubbs(for those who ha after reading above few lines must hv mustered some hope) n here is the pic on the 'T'...Not v impressed.....all tht I can say is read on.......... !

Hmm lemme start this one with a v interesting observation.....At our home my wardrobe is much smaller than hubbs.....I know, I know this is heights of injustice......N i deserve to take much more than a bow here...How abt a round of shopping...wht say???

Hmm so back to our subject, this T-shirt was picked up on one of our jobless weekends when we decided to go shopping.....picked up from one of these page 3 kind of exhibitions...Ho yeah there are 2 kinds of exhibitions...One visited by me kind of aam janataa n the other are the exclusive page 3 kinds!! N how do u pick out a Page3 exhibitions....v v simple!! One its location - either in a swanky 5-Star place which is ofcourse not frequented by aam-jantaas or its in a remote location accessible to only the chauffeur driven kinds n now for another hint .....U r bound to find people in 'funny' attires(Note the operational word is 'Funny' not Beautiful' or 'Flimsy') ofcourse the best of all hints...the 'price'!! Now having done this unrequited abusing let me tell you a few good things about this one we attended ~~ We got to see a few non-run-of-mill stuff (check this pic of a ash-tray we picked up from there...funky hey) and the best of all...we were treated to a odissi dance recital.....The grace of few ladies who must be in late 50's has to be seen to be believed!! Time 4 another confession.....I hv two left legs n cant dance for my life :(

Hmm now after all these diversions lets get back into our subject.......Here is this pic of the 'T' in discussion...BTW let me a confession...we(ho yeah i seem to be rubbing off on my hubbs too) picked this up thinking the pic is of buddha......N to imagine my hubbs(who is with all modesty v well read n knows the oddest of the things) too goofed up on it!!N so we go about convincing everybody .......all this untill he decides to wear this to office...BTW his office attire deserves a blog in itself.....Just to give u a sample.....U'll u c him attending a board meeting with a 'Hawaii' kinda shirt!

But courtesy my hubb's colleague we were enlightened abt this pic !! The pic is of Mahaveer Jain and each line is a mantra collectively called "Maha Namokar Mantra"written in 'Prakrit' language ! N to say I was touched, delighted is an understatement!! N for english speaking -writing here is the translation....try matching lines below to the pic!!

Namo Arihantaram

Namo Siddharam

Namo Airiaram

Namo Uvajhayaram

Namo Loe Savvasahuram

Aiso Panch Namokaro

Savva Paavpadasado

Manglaran Ch Savvesim

Padvam Havai Mangalam

Padvam Havai Mangalam

PS: Caption on yet another 'T' of my hubbs ~~ "Never argue with an idiot, they will pull you down to their level and beat you with experience"