Book Review : False Impression - Jeffrey Archer

The current book am hooked on to is "False Impression" by Jeffrey Archer. This novel revolves around a Van gough Painting n introduces us to murky world of paintings, art!

The protagonist of the novel is Anna - a naive, spunky,brave, honest art monger (A out of world character ?? ) who has an unscrupulous boss (n ofcourse the villan) - Bryce Fenston a banker who v conveniently becomes an art dealer by confiscatig the paintings of his innocent, igonorant n rich debtors! But all this only till Anna steps in n decides that enuf is enuf! Now the story is one big race of our heroine trying to save a famous Van Gogh painting (or rather save yet another victim) from clutches of evil boss!

The novel has just the right dose of action,romance, sentiments! Another interesing novelty abt the book is the interesting proffesion it revolves round - Art dealers opening up an all together new world of paintings before you! (Can somebody smell a budding art dealer in me ...he he he )!!