A new Facet of Life!

Hmmmm am at a junction of ma career! A junction where I hv the option to choose....

Option A is the tried n tested that comes with the security blanket of 'Comfort Zone', the flexibility to work-from-home, to work amidst people I know(But well nobody tht I care for!)! But the only grouse? The working hours... well thou at times I think thts more a blessing in disguise! But again these luring factors makes it a non-exciting feature!

Option B is a complete cup of new tea which is what makes it exciting! I know its a start to a 'drem-role'.. a role tht i eyed from the very start of my career! But it doesnt hv any of the above mentioned 'comfort-zone' factors... No people i know of, will hv to work my ass off! N yea I hv been told that this is gonna boost up ma learning-curve, is a challenging role n give me 'exposure' (yea! yea! Try selling tht to somebody else not me) Yeah the working hours are the conventional 9 -6 but that means no office-cab pick up n drop N considering my driving disability it means I gotta fall back on public transport(shudders!)!

N considering the laid back kinda person I am, I would hv bet my ass that I will blindly chose option A considering a few other personal obligations too!!! But why why why am I so inclined(Truth be told... I hv already decided) to take up option B? Why is the sane, down-to-earth sensible me opting for the glittery mistress as compared to the sensible house wife back home (Heeeeeee..... I liked the comparision)!

Plz do wish me luck  N pray that the glittery mistress doesnt end up burning ma fingers! Hugs to mee! N grrrrrrrr why am I given options to choose from.... ooph!

PS: I am going thru this mind games as I hv almost taken this decision without really getting the 'green-signal' from the person who knows me better n would hv been the best judge at weighing the pros-n-corns for me! Sigh! How I miss it!!!

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  1. Hugs and best wishes! Hope whatever choose works out well for u :) Cheers!