Happy B'day Mona Lisa!!

An unbelievable combo of today’s time….A perfect mix of modern woman and a shy heroine from the yeastier years..I know I know that is an heady mix! Want proof? Ok sample this….Madam can come up with solutions for most mind boggling DBA problems (Ha ha wondering what DBA is…..well u should be one of those techie nerds to understand it) but the moment topic diverts away from work n the opp party happens to be from male species then god save them!!! They would have to count starts to get mono-syllabic answers from your highness! A person who has travelled across seas but refuses to step out of her salwar kameez....... Hey don’t u know Western clothes make u look glamorous n madam is in this constant struggle to deglamorize herself(I know a complete contrast to me) to have some control over her ever expanding fan list :-p. N for all those fans out there I just have a word of advice…She is ‘mona Lisa’…..beautiful, sweet n everything else but completely out of your reach cause guys madam has found(ages ago) her prince charming…so wake up, get a life n stop bothering our ‘mona Lisa’.
Here is to you my sweet, ever accommodating, silent, beautiful, intelligent friend…Happy Birthday! Here is wishing you years of happiness with your prince charming and may this year see you entering into wedlock with him!!!! N hey u Mr.rince Charming u a real lucky dude man…So be the prince n sweep your queen away!!

PS: You must have realized tht then name of ‘Mona Lisa is not made public here. The reason ?? Cause aren’t the stars supposed to have a degree of anonymity associated with them…U c it adds to their charm! n ofocurse to save my skin too