Happies The Diwalis!!!

.... So would hv read a typical diwali greeting from ma hubbs :)

Here is a pictorial walk thru of mine... N just in case u dint know its ma space.. so u r supposed to be only oooh n aahing!  N C'mon its ma first attempt at something like this... so be a sport :)

Ma Drawing Room
Couldnt Decide which pic is betta :)
Supposed to be B&W version of above
Ma Fav Table!
May God SPread Light in your life in all directions!
Ma shoe Case :-D
Like Like?
Ma or rather ma-cousin-ma Niece Joint effort at our first ever hands-On Rangoli!

Liked it? Plz say yes :-D N am so looking fwd to seeing ur pretty pics.. Makes ma day like nothing else does!

Tagging this to getting-v.Addictive Color Deckor's Weekend Wrap up.... N thank U ... Ur blog is surely an inspiration to make ma home beautiful :)


  1. oh how lovely!! 1st attempt?? no.. no.. you are surely joking!! I think you did a fabulous job.. I loved that table top.. its awesome!!

    Also.. the rangoli.. wow!! I like how simple it looks.. Yet so so pretty.. I'm going to have to try that... this weekend for sure!

    You rock!! You've done a great job.. and thank you so so much for joining the weekend party.. I love seeing you there every week.. :-)

  2. I loved the photo shoots here, very impressive..

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  4. Lovely decor, so festive and cheerful. May I invite you to link this post to the Diwali Dhamaka Carnival on TheKeybunch?