Me n Myself!

Me? Yet another unknown in this big, big world - but in my small, small world, I am the unabashed ruling queen. Books, travelling and food are the best comrades of my life. I have just a handful of friends, both in the real and the virtual world - and I am shamelessly proud of this fact! I have been known to love or hate people for absolutely no reason in particular. This is just a fair warning, you see! It's no wonder that my Mom believes I am arrogant and brash. While we using adjectives, let me add that "lazy" is a popular one associated with yours truly!

I may qualify for the tag of a fraud-mallu - having been bought up in Hyderabad and making Bangalore my home for the last few years. Happily married to a lost-in-the-clouds dreamer, my Peter Pan and my partner-in-crime, we have sworn to live and die by the adage "when life hands you a lemon make lemonade" (or better still get some tequila!).


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