'Hiya! I hv gone a level up'...

....... The exact words I hear hubbs telling somebody on the phone early in the morning on 1st Jan!! Now now before I burst the bubble lets do a small guessing game .... What would you expect a hubbs(of 2 years) with loans to pay off, a career to think of and a household to run to get all excited on the first day of the year(n decade!!)??? Possibly a promotion, a salary hike or possibly some profits in the stock market now now this ruled out considering we keep a fair distance from it)...

Well well if you had jumped to any or all of the above, you would be forgiven! For yours truly who knows him now for a good 3 years and was eavesdropping on this conversation took a sec to realize the truth!! Now before I burst the bubble lemme describe the setting for you.....The hubbs of mine had a expression akin to a boy getting caught and was slowly sneaking away from me to continue the conversation!! This set the bells ringing in my mind and the next line 'Last night I was at level XXX and now am at level XXX+1....Looks like a new year bonus!!!' belled the cat for me! N u add this to the fact that moments before he was browsing one of his fav site....Now now if u remotely know my hubbs n follow him social networking sites you must have guessed wht am talking of...

Ho yeah ladies n gentleman my responsible(???) hubbs kick started his new year with a game of farmville on facebook..............grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! These men I tell you!!!!!

This is how the year started off for us.....N how did the day end!! With a nice candlelight dinner complete with mutton-pista shorba, Noodles with scheawan sauce and wine to compliment it all in the comfort of very own home!!

I just love the gleam of wine glasses in candle light...N before you start throwing in compliments at me lemme clarify the idea was mine but the taste buds were tingling courtesy the hubbs :) Ha now now dont roll ur eyes...I was working tht day(N where all I did was catch a laptop-show of 3 Idiots...I just loved the movie!! N if u ask me I'll say its been more-than-inspired from Five point someonw) yeah yeah I can do with some sympathy for it :)

Well well isnt it these small things that make life most joyous and leaves us with more beautiful memmories!!

Not sure if you agree but I think these small things sound more romantic, delightful n larger-than-life than what it actually is!
So so how did the new year day go for you??
PS: 1 day minus of the predicted not-so-lucky fortnight

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  1. Wow! They do sound so so romantic .. what a wonderful start to 2010 :) May u hv many such romantic times ahead :)

    So, another farmville-addict nw ;)
    I am glad I got addicted, played like there is no 2mrw and got out of it :P