The Greatest Equalizer!

Go ahead, take a guess as to what could be the greatest equalizer esp in our country where u hv the richest of the richest n well the poorest of poorest too!!

Ok how about this? Pani-Puri Waala :-D. C'mon come to think of it..... How many times hv u seen a prim-n-proper aunty-uncle-boy-girl types jostle for a space with your milk waala- sabji waala all for a plate of paani-puri :) Nee nee not the mineral water kinds - I tell ya - U waana taste the best pani-puri\Puchkaas hop onto the push-cart - cycle waalas! Ha nothing like a plate of them to spice up ur day.... LOL!

Pic Courtesy - Google!

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  1. :grrrr U sooo make me want to gobble down a few now!!!!!!!!!