An Engaging Affair - IV

Now now no snickering...... This is ma space... So if u think its silly plzz shoo off from here!

Yeah ladies-n-gentleman ... so it was 4 years since we got bethroned...... N surprise surprise (no no its no surprise tht hubbs springed on me)... this time there was NO CELEBRATION ... Hmpf! Part of settling down?? I dono... I Hope not.... N funnily enuf the absence of 'Gift excahnge - Eating Out' didnt make it seem as if anything was amiss(Man! Didnt I tell ya growing is boring... No No No No!!!)

Ha ha but did I tell ya that at times so many things fall in place that a day like this continues to remain special! End of day saw me loaded with gifts(No no - the credit aint for hubbs; Its to ma dearest frnds) ~~ from A new pair of jeans to wine to cake to jewellery box  to new top to to a artificial-plant(cause well somebody believes I cant for life of me grow a plant... Now isnt tht supposed to be a insult) .....All the things in list except the jeans is thnx to  ma dearest sabs who came back from her vacation loaded with all these goodies for me :-D

So thts the gifting part taken care! Dinner u said?? Tossing up aloo parthas as clock ticks midnight watching a mindless crime thriller(Grrr Mr. Hubbs).... Does tht by any stretch of imagination count as "Romantic" :-D

N how could I not mention this ~~ YoooHooooo!!! I went to the first bloggers meet ~~ courtesy IndiBlog n came back with more goodies! But more abt it later!!!

Ha don I love the way the things fall in place over the weekend as if jus so that I make ma entry in the weekend wrapup :-D


  1. aaawww.. happy anniversary.. That is so cute!!

    You know my hubby never got me a gift for any of our anns for the last 10 years.. He says.. He doesnt want to start the trend and find me upset next year..

    So instead.. I go all out and fill in all the gaps.. :-)

    Oh.. and how was the blogger meet??

  2. LOL! Arent all the men the same!

    Ofcourse makes all the women same too :--D

  3. God! U hv really been hvng awesome weekends - hvn't u! A blogger meet tooooo - wowwww!