A Culinary Delight... Yummmm!!!

Hmmm this year till date is been what I will call the culinary delight :-D

Day 1: Fishy-Fish N then Beef Steaks!
Day 2: Mutton Kheema Cutlet, Mutton-Nalli Soup, Mutton Curry-Rice
Day 3: Pork The Goan Style N yum yum X-mas Cakes@
Day 4: Egg Burji!! Whts spl u say ~~ Ha imagine its tossed with sausages N Cheese..... Yum isnt it!!!

Mouth Watering huh :-D! Almost all of this except day 3 is courtesy Hubbs ~~ Truly marriages are made in Heaven arent they :-D!

Now now pity is I was so busy gorging down the foood tht taking pic was last thing on ma mind(I know thts a big NO NO for a blogger... But kya kare paapi pet ka sawaal he!) except the steaks which is of course courtesy hubba again... No no dont go abt praising him... He was so proud of his culinary skills that he had to put it on FB.... N so the pic!

Trust the pic does no justice to the taste!!!!!!!

Now Now did I tell ya tht day 1 (Yea thts the Jan 1 we talking of) ~~ The dinner was the traditional(2 years in a row makes it tradition... doesnt it :-D) 'Candle-Light' Dinner! The venue this time around? Ma Balcony....

Yosh ~~ The tea light holder is indeed the almost Tea Cups! Speaks of hubbs trust in ma 'Creative Skills'... Hmpf!

Ha but well theres bound to be a dark cloud aint it ~~ One person v dear in life is going thru the worst mental agony :(.... I so wonder why this stupid misery during what should be the best time in her life... Am so v awaiting the sun behind these clouds to emerge ... Time shes had her share of happiness!!!!! N the other????? Ha! Lets call it a stupid physical ailment(No questions entertained :-D) which is surfacing on-n-off causing not jus mental stress but a big leak on ma already empty wallet... sob sob!!! Aint u gonna pray for us plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

Hmmm  life is a double edged sowrd huh... Lotta happiness peppered with enuf of miseries! Nothing is picture perfect... But but aint it upto to decide what I let overrule ma life... the colors of joy or misery! Well atleast for now I hv decided to make peace with what I hv - N so Joy it is :). Letta hope this optimism continues n not let the droopy face budge in.... Aamen!

This ofcourse is ma entry to the first weekend wrapup of the year ..... I cant miss tht Can I :)


  1. Amen amen amen!
    Praying for u sweets :)

  2. that is the yummiest post ever... Can I send my hubby to yours for some training??

    Oh I know what you mean.. as we celebrated new year.. my hubby kept thinking of his friend.. who died last year.. And my thoughts kept wandering off to his wife.. I didnt have the courage to call and wish her a happy New year.. Im not sure what would be so happy in her life at the moment.. Saything. that she has taken it very very positively and is trying her best to be herself again..

    So I guess life is about accepting what we have... what we dont.. and what we dont like.. and once you've accepted the journey just becomes more cheerful.. Guess the choices are completely yours... Do you want to sulk.. or move on and see the positive..

    2010 wasnt the best year for us.. and I'm hoping my wallet and the rest of me.. will be happier in 2011..

    while I do this.. I'll pray for you too.. for all your dreams to come true.. and for you to have a new addition.. with loads of love.. for joining the 1st wrap up.. Bye for now!!

  3. Meena... I saw your comment on my blog.. You are far too kind with your words.. My email id is torresp27@hotmail.com