2010 - Meme!

Now don ask me what meme is - am clueless!!! But saw this @ Swarams n decided why not!! Seems kinda interesting.. .. The idea of this meme is to create a sort of collage of your blog over the past year. What you need to do is take the first line of each month’s first post over the past year, and see what it tells you about your blogging year. (Exact Lines courtesy Swaram again :-D)

So here we go:

'Hiya! I hv gone a level up'...
 Day 1 2010 -  ha those were the days of hubbs farmville addiction -Boy! am I happy tht he is got out of it - well thts his resolution of the year!

What do you do post a fight with hubbs.......
 Hmm thts hubbs again - One of the many fights tht spice up the life n:-D. Remind me this line the next time I pick a fight... N I bet I will eat u up alive... LOL!

Any BPL dole please?
Yikes! This seems to be soon turning into ma fav topic - ma leaky wallet ofcourse!!!

Heavy At Heart!
Hmm thts a post on one of ma fav people... But a sad co-incidence ~~ shes going thru the same heart burn now - thou the reasons are diff - A bigg hug to u! I so cant wait for the D day to come!!

What does ur Blog say about u!!
Hmmm a interesting link... Predicts ur personality based on ur blog! Howwzaat??? Give it a shot... Its fun for sure :)

How do you Feel....
Oooh Man! This post is abt 6 months old now..... we went on first(n thankfully the only atleast for me) test drive to pick a new car!! N co-inicdence (na should be laziness) the car is atlast booked (yea a good half year flew by) n is now in transit :)

I am a Sinful Wo’Man’!!!
Tht is for sure what I was last year... LOL!

My Table Top!
Ha This is for sure a co-incidence... This is the 1st time I linked up to whats now become a sure pit stop for me.... ColorsDeckor!

Good News & Other Relationships...
Ha Another of ma fav topics... Good news :-D
A new Facet of Life!
Thts about the new role at work!

PotLuck AaHo!
Can a yearly round-up post of mine not talk of foodie... Remember me a FOODIE :-D

Yet ANother Weekend!
Ofcourse this has to be there - the current fav feature in blog space.... Weekend Wrapsups ... Its Fun :-D

Not bad huh... Jus a random pick of 12 posts covered all the highlights of the year... I know a few are missing.... Hols, Books, sis.......

But it was fun :-)


  1. ha ha ha.. I love your list... and as I reached the end.. it even had a write up for the weekend wrap up... You rock1! :-)

  2. Ha ha ha! LOL @ ur fav topic.
    My best wishes with ur friend :)