I am a Sinful Wo’Man’!!!

With no recommendations Needed, I take a bow :-D. N now if I were to list my not-so-womanly quailities well the list will run to pages :)! Lemme try n put on a few non-controversial n easily digestable facts!

  • The most obvious one -Running a house! Ma house is no better than the one where a group of bacherlors stay put... Yikes!
  • Cooking - Not ma cup of tea! Thank all lucky stars tht my hubbs dearest is somebody who enjoys this :-D
  • Dressing up n preening n Lady-Like mannerisms\ Body Language... Yikes!
  • The freedom to choose the career which comes along with even more weird timings.. well well credit due to hubbs here!
  • Peth-Pooja with no second thots on the tyres around waist - Why Live if not for Good Food!

BTW do these factors not show a strong tendency towards laziness rather than any tomboyishness :-D

But But Isnt it a gr8 time to be a woman - sinful for sure... Hv ur cake n eat it too!! U can be all the un-orthorthodx\non-traditional U waana be under the pretext of being 'Modern' N well be the 'Kaam-chor' under the pretext of being the 'weaker Sex' :-P!!

Thnx Swaram babe for tagging along! N am sitting n typing this out at a good 30 mins past midnight sitting in the blessed premises of ma office... For wht joy u say! Sitting at office at this weird hour n blogging !! Well well lemme use my colleagues fav tag line... Bosses are always right!!!!


  1. LOL, the time and place of ur posting makes this all the more sinful ;)

  2. Dozen days past away whn is the next blog ...waiting for the next post