The Bloger Meet!

So so I attended a blog meet tooo...... Courtesy Akshaya Patra n IndiBlog!

So how did I like it?? "Interesting" is the word I will use....

It was fun to meet the fellow bloggers..... somebody who is travelled 11 countries in 11 states to a restaurant owner(somebody who lets out his space for any of ur non-religious meets free of cost! N free Food tooooo) to a physically challenged blogger to a few techies(For whom blogging is abt ad-sense, Money-making n hit ratio... Boring!) to a ex-colleague to a few soon-to-be-authors to a wow designer (he cant speak a word of english... But man his work speaks or what) ! Haa so people it is tht as usual spices up everything ... Jus sitting back n watching them from a distance can be fun(It was LOL to see some of those men hitting on PYTs! Men never learn do they)!!!

Ha did I tell ya tht ma blog was picked among the top 20 blogs of the bloggers gathered there(Thou I guess it was a random pick). But it was picked... thts the point isnt it :-D ... got a lovely Photo-book too for tht :-D N then they were distributing a few of Iskcon's prize winning photos... Whats the criteria u asked? Well some silly contest... which I ofcourse didnt win but couldnt stop drooling over the pretty-innocent faces in the pics n so shamelessly put up ma hand n came home with one!!! Howwzaaat!!!!
The Innocence ~~ Thnx AkshayaPatra for preserving this!

This post wouldnt be complete until I write abt AkshayaPatra... Do hop on Here..... But 4 Now I will let these pics do the talking!

Thts exactly what Akshaya Patra Does!

N all they asking for is a little more publicity online! So do hop on n do ur bit if u can!

The aaaw! Location where the meet happened - The ISKCON Temple!


  1. Meena that is what i call a classic blogging for a cause. I believe you have contributed towards enhancing the brand Akshaya Patra.

  2. Woww! A meet and such a beautiful place at that! Awesome :)
    And I luvvv that pic :)

    Oh and congratulations :D

  3. Thanks for this wonderful blog! and thanks for attending the bloggers meet too

    Naveen srikantaiah

  4. Good review Meena. I messed the meet

  5. the meet was gr8 perfect example of social media + social cause = benefit for mankind