Heavy At Heart!

Heavy.....Heavy at heart.... is what u feel when you see somebody dear very dear in Grief.... N U know there is nothing you can do or say to comfort them!

After all the life is theirs to lead, the choices are theirs to make.... But what compounds the feeling is when u know that few things happening in their life is out of their own control! N to make matters worst U know the person doesnt deserve even a bit of shit that they are putting up with n they are in this junk cause well people donno how to appreciate goodness n just takes them for granted!

Ha how I wish I could walk upto them n give a Munna Bhai style Jaadu-Ki-Jappi and magically makes things better!!! But well well decorum demands that u just cant do a few of these things.......


  1. Oh God! I just hope they feel better soon.

    And nothing stops me from giving u a virtual jaadu ki jappi. Hugs dear!

  2. oh cut the crap... no one can help anyone... !!

    who ever it is, who's is down.. .just tell me that ur there for them... !! am sure the person will freak out and become a little better, just thinking ur gonna be around.. lol