So U 2011..... Huh!

Me: So 2011 here u come.... huh!
2011: (Almost Narcastically): Wake up Lady! Am almost a day old now! 
Me: (Like thts gonna poof me off) Hmmm so u gonna be nice n treat me n all of them dear to me nice??(Ok ok am still selfish)
2011: (With a v  bemused expression) Huh! What did u jus say????
Me: (This discussion aint going anywhere) C'mon be a sport n I promise to look back at u with fondness
2011: (Almost on verge of a LOL) Hoooo!!!
Me: (Ooph!) After all Don u add up to '4'
2011: (With a expression varying bn she-is-lost-it n a glint of interest)  So???
Me: (Seeing a light at tunnel) Did I tell u no '4' is ma No... Lucky or not I dono... U c ma n even hubbs Birth date adds upto 4(22nd N 13th resp), Our weddin date(31st)  too n even the day we first met adds upto 4(22nd again)  n na EMP ID at this place n job no.1 adds up to 4 (089860 - 19237) ......Now isnt the some co-incidence!!! (Going full speed N not letting 2011 budge in) ....... So so make 2011 memorable n something tht I will look back with fondeness!
2011: (Hmm interesting!) So whts ur Wish-list??
Me: (Hooo! Yooo I won) Errr... Now thts a long List :-D. Lemme c where do I start......... Let this Stability pahse continue plzzz... I seem to be liking it(Man! I jus cant believe I typed this!) N u can pitch in with the much awaited Good News Please :-D . N well more importantly - I so waana hear wedding bells ring for 2 most imp people in ma life ... One is this n the other for ma sis :-D....... I guess I will stop at this atleast as far as the  the concrete measurable wish-list is concerned ... Abt the rest......
2011: (Why Did I let her open her mouth!) Stop Now! Hooo I gotta betta things to do.....

Ho u reached all the way here n u still didnt understand a bit of wht I wrote... No no I dint lose it neither am I sloshed! This is a conversation(imaginary ofcourse!) bn me n the year 2011(BTW do u think 2011 is a he or a she - I vote for a she! After all most of the spl people in am life are all ladies... yea me zapped too!!!)

On this note wishing u all a happy, wonderful, gr8 year ahead! Yea yea u gotta wish me the same too n also pray in that ma wishes do come true (Only if wishes were horses ... huh!)


  1. Yes yes yes ma'am. Wishing and praying :)
    I like the new look :)

  2. I like the new look... Wow!!

    Happy New Year to you.. Hope you have a rocking year ahead!

  3. very nice write up...i love the conversational type write ups...good work here...very well penned..happy new year to you..