If u hv read this space on-n-off u obviously know abt this special somebody - the stabilizing factor in ma life... The person I owe this year to.....

Hmm now u know how imp she is in ma life! Now now what do I do when I see her life going from bad to worst... N all I can do is step back n look on helplessly! How is that fair ~~ A person who pulls me out from every crisis(real or imagined; big or small) n when she is in trouble all I can do is be helpless! Thts some screwed up law of life :( or thts the screwed up me... I dono! N esp when the events happening over last few days is disturbing n scary n something tht cant be forgiven!!! ?(N thts the under-statement of the year)

Bupossibly in the worst lies a light at the end of the tunnel... Man! I cant wait to see her getting pout of this damn tunnel n embracing well deserved happiness!!!!

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