The Bangalore Flea Market!

How many times have u aawed when u hv read abt a flea market somewhere abroad n the people ooh-aahing abt finding a 'thrift' find... well I hv! N guess wht I found this weekend ~~ Bangaloorus own thrift market :). N if u thinking am talking of some ;Theme' party happening in a swanky store or mall u couldnt be more mistaken! This place is a small lane tucked into one of the by lanes in Jayanagar :-D

I will let the below pics do rest of the talking

A plethora of Items!

A closer look :)

Trinket Boxes ~~ Lamps ~~ Candle Stands!

My Thrift Find :-D

Now Now I know 'Flea Market' aint the word for it! 'Pooja Items' lane is how this by lane is termed ....... N u'll find everything from the obvious pooja items to trinkets to veggies to ghee-butter to shoes!

Ofcourse a find like this is to be tagged onto the colors Deckor weekend wrapup :)


  1. Ha ha! U always find something interesting for the weekend wrap-up ;)
    Awesome :D Love the 2nd pic :)

  2. Awwww... thanks for linking up to the weekend wrap up last week.. Sorry I've been way too busy to drop by.. :-)

    You make such an effort to link up... makes every minute I put into this blog.. worthwhile.. Thank you!! *hugs*

    Oh and I also love this new find of yours.. I could shop & hunt there for a while.. *wink*

    Hope you are having a fab week ahead...