Glass of wine Anyone...

But b4 tht do you the niceties of tasting one??

Swirl your glass of wine gently, stick your nose in the glass, take a deep sniff and sit back as aroma of wine overwhelms your taste buds.......

Oooo! Sounds heavenly n so very Not-me huh :-D! Well well this is a piece of advise that ma hubbs is been trying to get into ma head (with luck thou!) for last 3 years... Lol!

But surprise surprise... yest I thot I hit the 'Wine Niravana'!... .. I actually found ma self taking in an appreciative sniff b4 each sip of wine! Yosh yosh! It had ma eyes popping out tooo..... "Ha! Must be the quality of wine" thot ma gloating self ~~ after all aint it completely home brewed !! (Thnx Sabs dear for tht... I loved It :-D) .......

Hic Hic Hic said ma heart happily but ma restless mind knew there should be something more n tht saw me alternating between sniffing the wine - n then the glass n then soon ma hands(!!!!)....You are allowed to rolll ur eyes..... until it found the culprit!! hmpf!! ma bubble broken!

Here is the real story.... It so transpired taht I had chopped a handful of coriander jus b4 this wine tasting session.... n tht ma dearies was the reason for 'Snif Snif' ..... But trust me the smell of coriander mixed with home-made rose wine does give u a heady high feeling.... Gosh!!!!

Howwzz this for ma exotic-smell find :-D

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  1. home made!! rose wine!! sounds awesome!! I'm not a huge wine fan.. but I beleive.. if you mix soda.. it tastes yummmm!!