My Table Top!

Rather my 'Breakfast Counter' top!! Ofcourse there is a catch here!! Strictly speaking its no table... its a granite counter... But well it doubles up as ma dining table, breakfast table n even ma Laptop table :-D!

Does it look pretty?? All my pickle pots(picked on a trip to Kerala)  neatly lined up .......I love its reflection!

Na Na me not on a house showing spree!! Was on my usual blog hopping spree, when I cam across this interesting post! A simple but fun post... isnt it??? Do go ahead n take up this tag!

Ha ma mom was grrrr when she saw the size of the pickle pots n the price I paid for them(exhobriant as per)! The ones used traditionally at home are at least 50 times bigger n cheaper :). But well doesn't the diminishing size of something so very traditionalist so much reflect our changing times.......

PS: All pickles in ma house are courtesy ma hubbs for whom food is synonymous with spicy food so much tht he has raw chillies with his food daily!! Mr. Hot he :-P!


  1. one thing thats been there on my wish list....traditional ceramic yours...:)

  2. Slurp slurp! I want pics of the pickles too :P :P
    I hv been planning to do a home round-up post for long ;) U inspire me some more to do it like NOW !!!

  3. Thats so gorgeous.. Thank you for joining my party... :-)

    I know what you mean.. when you pay ridiculous prices for these things... And I feel sooooooooooo upset!!

  4. are pickles there ??or is it empty...:-)

  5. Love the idea of traditional ceramic jaadi. Thanks for the amazing idea.