200th :-D

Ha!! Here comes the magical no. of 200 .... A quick one I should say (100 posts in 8 months is quick.... aint it). So celebration time it is... N wat betta way to celebrate than announcing the new entrant to ma home(Nooo not the goods news entrant)... Its our new Car "The Indido E-CS"....:-D
U Like it??

But naaa... jus something materialistic marking a imp milestone in ma blog space... Now now that seems to make it incomplete! So heres to more warm - personal updates which makes life-is-all-good!  Just a random msg from a cousin who seeing there sno FB Update or blog post wonders if all is welll... Enuf to get a smile back on ur face huh :)

Now  Now with the new car comes the hunt for accessories.... N if this bought images of some fancy fog light, sun -shades or all those crappy things ... u couldnt hv been more wronger! I was talking of those statues of God that usually adorn the dashboard n such (Go ahead - roll ur eyes). Now now how many of u would be happier with these being gifted by a dearie person as compared to a diamond studded collectible(Ok tht had an amount of exaggeration involved)! Now I had ma eyes on a particular 'dearie'..... But getting the msg across subtly(I know I suck at tht) without hurting hubbs sentiments(Who belives Gifts should be 'Gifted' n not 'asked'!)  seemed a task in itself! So think of ma reaction whn the person surprises me with the very accessories I had in mind without me even asking for it..... :-D. Here take a glimpse of one of it (The pic does no justice to it! Its a beauty I swear)


Linking this up to the Weekend-wrap up thou strictly speaking the car made its  appearance on Thursday :).


  1. oh how lovely!! I like the car and I love the bal krishna... awesome!!

  2. Woohoo! Congratulations :)
    That Krishna is adorable :)