Any BPL dole please?

Friday was the salary day...yeah yAH I know am paid peanuts...but still these peanuts see us thru the month(ha ha who am I kidding...It sees us thru the week)! Week1 - Pay off the credit cards, make some feeble 'save money' resolutions for the month n all goes splash the moment weekend is in vicinity - eating out, shopping movie, plays n by end of first 10 days we go back to God damn plastic money and well the vicious cycle continues!!

Hmm you say no ta new story, all of us in same bucket hey?? Then listen to my latest misery...Thnx to some miscalculation in Tax my hubbs salary for the month is well almost next to nothing....which means post the loans what am left with is few hundreds...sob sob sob! So what happens to my credit cards, mobile bills.......more sobs!!

So anybody here who can help with any information on dole for BPL(Below poverty Line) are welcome! Or maybe a few tips on how to lead a interesting 'BPL' life ....translates to no eating out, no theater, no movie, no mall visit, no travel...yeaks is it a life!


  1. BPL - Being Pretty Liberal (with money) that is still good.:-)

  2. LOL no no .. thatz no life at all ;)
    Hw I wish they paid us some extra money for all that fun we want to hv too :P