A long time ago

Ok I agree... its fri eve... Am jobless... all am doing is waiting up for grr of ma hubbs to pick me up(who is been saying 5 mins for last 1 hour)!! N this is a post tht I hv been seeing on-n-off on diff blogs I hop on to... so using "jobless" as the only plausible excuse, read on....

20 years ago I . . .

1. Was in what??? Standard 4, 5(Ha! Seems light years away now!)
2. Dint know a thing about Birds-N-Bees(Now now where did this line of thot pop in??)
3.Thot ma working-mom(was a rarity then) is a super-woman! (Something I unlearned in years to come - Only to learn it again post marriage)

10 years ago I . . .

1. Was Itching to get away from ma engineering school
2. Was a hopeless Nerd! (U gonna give it to me - I am bluntly honest!)
3. Just discovered the WWW n on verge of some online-romance(Hopeless! I say)

5 years ago I . . .

1. Was discovering the luxuries of Financial Freedom n of a working-Lady!
2. Was waiting for ma prince-in-armour to whisk me off(yea yea thts pathetic I was!)
3. Was still a much-pampered daddy's girl(Ha! How I miss that now)

3 years ago I . . .

1. Yosh! Am married :)
2. Was hopelessly trying(not really!) to mix-n-match home-work n the roles of wife-daughter-DIL-Sis!
3. Was blissfully ignorant of the games of life n thots its one bigggg party(No! shhh u... I don think so anymore!)

1 year ago I . . .

Now this is getting boring, Hop on here to find out what twenty-ten was!

So far this year I . . .

1. Have fallen head-over-heels in love with ma hubbs(ANTI JINX)
2. Have learnt what it means to cry for a loved one!
3. Waiting-n-waiting for the much-awaited good news(Ho no! I continue to be pathetic)

Yesterday I . . .

1. Well had ma heart broken.... I Hope thats a prospect which never comes tru! Other side of coin.... Heard a news that I hope turns to reality soon
2. Hosted a most-awaited-guest at ma home :)
3. Had idli-sambar for breakfast(Whts tht u said! C'mon how many unique things do I do in a day!).

Today I . . .

1.Am waiting-n-waiting for ma hubbs to pick me up!
2. Took the effort to dress-up after ages... Wrap-around skirt n all :)
3. Need not cook :). Thnx to ma visiting MIL N Grand-Mom!

Tomorrow I will . . .

1. Eat yum yum food (reason in point 3 in the above section)
2. Click some pics of yum yum food for the weekend-wrapup (No no that doesnt classify as pathetic)
3. Ha I dono!!! In surprise lies the spice of life :)

In the next (coming) year I will ..... Hmmmm ......... Plz feel free to fill this up now :).

This is fun... Go ahead n try it!

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  1. Woww! U r really dng the weekend-wrapup thing so well! Awesome :D
    Looks like my 20 yrs ago was almost the same as urs ;) ;)