How do you Feel....

When on a sunday morning you are forced to endure hours of boredom as your husband test drives vehicle after vehicle..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rt!!!!! This when he got me out of the house under the lure of a massage....... Double grrrrrrrrrr to him!!! So dear  friends this is what I had to pur up today morning...... Talks after talks of BHP, FIAT Engine, Mileage... yeha yeha went above my head too!!!! N as if all tht wasnt enuf he was xtra excited abt some stupid blueototh feature in the car..... whats with men n vehicle!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

N at the end of all thtis do I atleast get a sexy vehicle to flaunt... doesnt look like it!!!!! He gives me long baashans on EMIs(yeah yeah u heard it right... Looks like Mr. Peter Pan is growing up after alll)!

Ha ocourse I made sure that I got my value for time too... dragged him for a bit of shopping and then a yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm massage!!! :-D


  1. hmmm massage....!! guud... glad u njoyed it... am sure ur gonna be ful of energy after this massage of urs... btw am exhausted, back from an awesome vacation... so now that u r all charged up... take the lead at work... am delegating all of my work to you.... am sure u r happy reading this... :)

  2. but u have got to hand it to me... just reached home... still managed to read ur so called BLOG...!! and above that.. even commenting... i think its high time i stop being this good to u... :)

  3. Wowww shopping and a massage .. sounds gr8 ;)