The story of the Grandfather Clock...

Yea Yea I know I promised it in the last post n here I am publishing it so soon... so unlike me! Now now after reading the story... dont u dare whimper n say its no story at allll!!!!

Now me no antique collector nor do I pride myself to be a person with taste in home-decor n all(Yea rt!).... But but ont thing I realized over 3 years (well its only post marriage tht I realized of even the very existence of 'furniture'\'home-decor' so to say... Until then they were just not my botheration) tht I do hv a definite favouritism for solid wood! Possibly ....v v v possible tht its linked to the lazy person I am.... wood generally is low maintenance u c as compared to glass n stuff!

So onto our clock story.....  A love affair with the clocks started on a vist to ma sis-in-law's place where I saw her  Cuckoo clock bought right from the black forests on her visit to Germany.... its exclusivity n origin kinda stuck a chord somewhere! But well a 'cuckoo' is an expensive affair so decided to settle down for a old pendulum clock... Have good old memories associated with it! Memories of summer vacations spent in ma grandma's place in Gvr.... where the tick-tick-tick of the pendulam was a a part - n - parcel of daily live... a sound I thus still associate with ma goood old home in kerala!

So tried doing some watch-hunting but well it went no-where... so just whimpered n settled down for a run-of-the-mill clock! But well the whim never died down.... so somewhere in aug when TOI published a article on a shop dealing with these we were more than excited n decided to get one rt for our anniversary!

But we being we dint save the paper nor did we remember the shops name... except tht its comm street! Ha but thank god for friends... Sab as usual turned out to be our saviour n b4 we knew both of u landed at the shop n man did I fall in love... Clocks of all sizes, shapes n most importantly ages.... from anniversary clock, cukoo clock, pendulam clocks made from good old Inida to Germany to UK... .......Love at first sight! Ofcourse these loves come with a  big cost to the pocket!!!

But wht the heck... anniv was round the corner n when u hv a hubbs who as usual is ready to be your partner-in-crime ~~ U splurge N here is what we ended up with ...... A good 75 year old German Made Grandpa-Clock :)

N now it proudly adorns the wall in living room... man do I love it! I love its looks n  the tack-tack-tack ring every 30 mins!

Edited To Add: Here is hoping n wishing tht this clock is a testimony to our life ahead! A life (long on hopefully!) tht never stops ticking... one tht still keeps ticking after every ebb...... One tht is regal n royal(yea yea me a dreamer) like this One :-P


  1. God! I luvvvv such clocks. I sooo wanna get one now :) :)

  2. Well it waz the "time" 2 celeberate :)