The fortnight of September....

A quick checklist of the month September is been until now..... A month to remember for ages :)

Good times started here..... N this has been the highlight of possibly not just this fortnight but also of the month, of the year n possibly a 'Turning Point' of life ~~ a 'landmark' I will never ever forget :) The prospect of a given-up-hope getting a new leash of life can be indeed life-changing... Thank U :) Hmm the same cryptic tones... well plz bear till I get the 'green' signal n then I swear am gonna paint the town or err the blog red :-D

Lots of reading or rarther An overdose of 'romantic' novels ~~ of Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel! They do make u fell giddy-with-Love!

A new-found relationship with ma hubbs... Well actually nothing new neither was anything wrong till now... But for whatever reasons the relationship had reached a stage of 'monotony'... a slow but sure 'staleness' was creeping in.. n then as if by magic(is it magic of what happened in point 1 that unleashed it? or is it the love infused in point 2??) the good-old times are back :-D N me loving it!! N u dirty brains me not talking of anything 'physical' here! Lemm not jinx it by going blah-blah-blah here...... wish me luck!

Hmm well everything cant be bright n beautiful can it be... there gotta be a element of 'confusion', 'frustration', 'sorrow' too involved.......

Have kinda reached a point of 'comfort Zone' in ma current role @ work or rather more truthfully the person who could make ma lazy ass work has moved on, n also the project is moving over... so it means I gotta move over too! Now this calls for a change n while am a person who embraces it with fairly good amount of sanity.... There is this stage of confusion b4 the decision is made...... Am I moving over in the correct direction? Will there be a personal vs work space challenge here? WIll I compromise on ma personal time? N the biggest of all...... I donno for good or bad I hv learnt the the "My motivation to work is never the 'Work'....Its the person for whom I do the work! " ..... frightening ! Wish me luck n hope that I end up making the right decision.....

N the 'frustrating' element... Ooph! A big one... suffice to say I neeed loads of ur prayers to get over this one!


  1. LOL! Anti-jinx and loads of prayers ur way :D

  2. Hi Meena,

    I came to your blog through Patricia of Colors, a few days back....I just love to read your posts....really like your writing style.....

    Good Luck to you!!