Happy Anniversary To Us :)

Yea Yea... Its our anniv tommo.... the 31st of aug.... our 3rd one.... Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

3 years of madness, learning, fighting, happiness, tears, sorrows, laziness, grief, stupidity, indulgenesss...... Tht I guess defines our life! Love u Pravinaaa. Muah!!!

So people wish us a gr8 year ahead...... N how many of them I hear wondering when u gonna hear "Good News"... patience dearies patience!

PS 1: It also marks a year of our moving into our first home together!N as usual with us everything is gotta hvave a hint of madness involved..... Ha wht mess the house wa sin when we moved last year... Wood work incomplete, painting still in progress... Omigosh! Thank God for mothers!

PS 2: I got a gift!!! Yea yea yea yea!! 2 pairs of beautiful swarowski ear drops..... N it was a surprise n the foolish me couldnt just stop grinning ear to ear....... He knows how to smitten his wife! But but so tht he hears it loud n clear the next time I prefer a watch...a big dial one at that ......Wink Wink!

BTW am I allowed to be piized with all near n dear ones who miss my anniv tommo... Plzzz say yes!


  1. Yes :P :P

    Wishing u a wonderful year and a mad madder maddest life ahead :P :P

    Happy 1 yr in home sweet home too :)

    Pics of the earrings pls :D

  2. Happy anniversary...i thnk u hav to be in hyd by this time so u r not allowed to be pizzed..... :-)