Fall On Ma Lotus Feet :-P

Now no doing a ROFL post reading this post.... Its my space so I can write of any damn thing tht catches my fancy or is spl to me!

Now Now raise ur hands - the no. of people who remeber the first person who fell on ur feet to seek ur blessings! Yosh yosh exactly wht this post is abt..... Stop shaking ur head I say!!! N U, yea yea u... just cause nobody fell on ur feet as yet, u cant call me a "aunty" :-P... It just means tht nobody thinks u r as yet good enuf!

So back to our post, as u had rightly guess(ho! yeah)  this is to record the most solemn experience of somebody falling on ma feet or rather 'Our' feet to seek 'our' blessings.....

The occasion was ma  hubb's cousins marriage..... sweetheart, Here is wishing you a v happy, joyous married life ahead!!! God Bless!

Hmmm on ma wedding day I know I did more than my required shares of these bending downs... so much so tht I had a sore back n post some time it just became 'mechanical'! Thou I still believe that 'falling on feet' has a spl meaning especially when the person whose feet u falling on is somebody u respect n u truly seek their blessings...... N doing it just cause 'Tradition' demands it is 'Hogwash'!

As for people falling on-ma-feet... Na Na! I dont think I hv done anything to be respected for!!  A 'Jaadu-Ki-Jappi' hug is what am more happy giving n getting....N man do I love them!!!  They leave me feeling all warm-n-happy :)

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  1. ROLF!!! It's as if I am watching mythological film.. My god Mathaji kya pose hai... Lotus feet wah wah wah.. By the way how much did u bribe her?????