Cozy corners @ Ma home

Now Now all tht ma house has is 'Cosy' corners.... we tooo lazy to make the effort n buy proper co-ordinated furniture... N this just suits us fine :-P after all in variety lies spice of life.....

So below is the space tht sees us lazy mongers spending most of the time... na na not most but atleast our morn cup of tea is invariably had here .... So while this is a decent tidy pic,  in reality on most days tht nice table there is peppered with half empty tea cups, coasters n ofcourse laptops... its a sight I tell ya! No no no... no shaking ur head!

But I like the way this cute 'baitak' came over...  One fine eve we were expecting a few guests n then at nth moment we realize all tht we hv is a diwan in which 3 or say 4 can squeeze in... n then the rest??? So the 'smart' hubbs(yea! yea!) of mine decided to fold up a 'queen' size bed , spread a 'Fab India' sheet over it ,transfer the bolsters from diwan to here n zappp came the baitak!! Now now this is common sense u say! Hmpf!!

Hmmm now tht u dont seem to be finding this so v interesting Can I try n lure u with a few interesting accessories in this room.........

Right on top of baitak like a 'domiscius sword' hangs ma fav grandfather - clock.... isnt it regal :) Promise to publish its story sooon!

N on the two corners of the roof hangs the typically kerala thook vilakku...dont hv a decent pic now.... so adjust maadi with this! N yea beside it is a Udaipur - Keep sake from sabs-bins!

N right below it sits our shoe case...stuffed n stuffed with ma hubbs shoes :-D Na na am not treating u to tht sight.... here is instead wht sits on top of it! The odd shaped looking thingy there is actually a eagle-shaped sword.... Remember I said my Peter Pan is mad abt swords... this was his bday gift from his mommy!

Well well some treat to eyes... cmon be nice n agree :) Right below is possibly the most fav piece of furniture @ home where we are plonked the max time.... a futon right in our TV room... the first piece of furniture which ma hubbs bought even b4 marriage which thou his father thinks is the most useless piece of furniture ever made..... well truth is once u sink into it gets so cushiony n comfy tht dragging urself out can be a task :-P

So how did u like this corner of ma home? This is my entry for Cozy corners @ Color Deckor


  1. I like your baitak.. Its far too pretty.. so casual & warm.. A place where I could just sit forever.. You've got lots of pretty stuff... that makes your home.. all the more cozy!!

    Thanks for joining in!!

  2. I luvvvv the baitak. All that green makes it all the more inviting :)
    Luv ur collection of swords :)