The little book of kisses...

Picked this book from kids section at a second-hand book store....  N it was so damn sweet tht I couldnt resist picking it up.....

The little Book of Kisses
There is a bye-bye kiss for mommy on her way to work
There are Hot-Dog kisses after lunch with Uncle Tommy
Theres a wake up kiss for daddy on a sleepy sat morn
There are long smooches from grandma on your cheek, my dear.

And telephone kisses, hello! in your ear
What about scratchy kisses from Daddy's beard.....
Or the lipstick kisses from mommy's friend?
There are butterfly kisses - they tickle so funny!
And a kiss between friends warm and sunny.

Theres a Keep-you-safe kiss in the dark of the night..
And an owie kiss to make hurts all right
Here is a puppy Kiss, lick lick on your face....
and a warm tummy kiss with after-bath play

There is the make-up kiss after fight
and kisses to blow good-bye from the street
and the last kiss of all is...

The sweet-dreams kiss when you're tucked in tight,
Nestled in your own night-light

Ha! Sweet isnt it :) Hers wishing u weekend fille diwth all these kissies n well kisses of you-know-what-Kind :-P! Happy weekend :)

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  1. Aww so sweet :)
    I luv the child in u Meena :) hugs :)