Pitter Patter Rain drops.......

Ho yeap I love the rains!! Ha but in neat sub-clauses is added 'Provided I am at home with a cup of hot tea,, a novel n something yum yum to bite on'!!!!

Ha the memories rain brings... of the summer vacations spent in my ancestral home in Kerala surrounded by greenery…… The images etched of the rain washing away the green leaves leaving them sparkling green, of the beautiful smell of earth as the first drops of rain hit it.... yummmmmmm!! Just a recollection of this leaves me with a feeling of warmth n happiness! The helter-skelter running around armed with vessels of all kinds n shapes which are duly places under all leaky corners of the roofs to ensure u don’t hv a flooded house(considering the house is 100+ years old) Must hv been a tiresome job 4 the elders but 4 us as kids...It was FUN… esp for a city bred girl like me this was a treat!!!! Poverty does have its share of joys! N of course the delightful Rain-time games…….anybody remembers those good old days of letting paper boats afloat in the rain water n the silly competitions of whose paper boat goes faster all in company of indulgent cousins older to u!!!!!!!! Ha my dear home u r missed... What I wouldnt give just to spend another vacation with you!!!

Possibly why I love my new flat a wee bit xtra(frankly there is nothing great about it.... its just ur practical, fancy-free flat built by a no-nonsense builder....phew!)... bang opposite it is a convent n open plot filled with my fav coconut trees(u c its synonymous with kerala 4 me which is in turn synonymous with happy memories) and on those rare occasions like yest eve when am home n its raining cats n dogs.... simply sitting in the balcony gawking at the coconut leaves swaying in rain, allowing the breeze to caress your face as you inhale the fresh smell of earth.... Bliss I say :). Ha n not to forget to add the hot tea n aloo baji(courtesy my hubbs dearest). N Well well as u grow the delightful rain-time games continue to be a delight but well  games this time around are let us just say different :-p. U say the pic isnt so v appetizing... well beggars cant be choosers :-D


  1. Rimjhim gire saawan...........

  2. Rains, scenic beauty arnd, tea and aloo bhajji .. woww! thatz bliss indeed :) Enjoy :)

  3. Rain and aloo bhajji is a great combo!!., i so envy u.... its so hot here.... ya and rain in kerala is really a different experience....and the first rain and the smell of earth...ummm!!!!... chal enjoy madi and enjoy ur rainy games as well ;)