Where in the Hubbs is sent back home from office.....

.......for improper dressing......... ROFL!!! Haa there is at last justice in the world!!!!!

So this is the background... my hubs translates to what I call a "Brat" at office... somebody who boo boos at all the rules @ work but gets away with it cause well thou I hate to agree he is good at what he does..... Na na me not one of those wifes who thinks pati is the parameshwar......LOL at the very thot of it!So on a monday morn u will see him walking into office in  jeans n tee n walking with no qualms whatsoever...  N so was the case yest tooo!

Ha n there comes the twist in the tale.... as soon as steps in he's informed of a impromptu conference where all top-shots would be in attendance so my dearest hubbs had no option but to go home n change from his fav V-Neck tee  into a complete 3 piece suit..... ROFL!  The transition was a treat to ma eyes(complete with a evilish grin on ma lips) Ha! Yesterday I atlast had the last laugh.........


  1. LOl, amusing...I am here to invite you to join in the September Blog Carnival hosted by us..will be glad if you can make it. Came her through Patty's blog - Rekha

  2. When the time comes you need to get going and atleast move unlike some people who find it very difficult to do such simple things :P

  3. ROFL Mine goes in tee and Jeans on most days too :P