I lost ma mobile :(

Or rather was swindled by a smart ass! Here is the story a sad one tht happened yest....

Car parked at crowded signal ... Just as the light turns yellow a young man dashes against our car....  Well all tht we thot at tht moment as we turned to check on him is "Ha! Thank God nothing happened"... N then post the usual exchange of expletives we moved on.......  N we didnt even realize anything is amiss!!

Only after we crossed a few meters were we overtaken by a car at the back only to be told "U guys..... ur mobiles hv been flicked"..... while I for a  a moment didnt believe my ears a quick chk confirmed its true :( ! Supposedly while the young man in the above scene distracted our attention his accomplice used tht moment to flick off the mobile kept right on dashboard on ma side of the car.... sob sob sob!

While ma reactions ranged from sob-sob, sorrow, anger(n burnt of it was faced by ma poor hubbs) n back to a sad smiley face... hubbs of mine remained the cool cucumber he always is! Instead he almost waana go n pat those guys for pulling thru this fiasco so seamlessly........ Grrr! Now tell me who in their sane sense wont lose the temper...... N while I was fuming he starts humming "Aaj ki Raath, Hona He Kya... KONA he kya....."..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Now what hurt me the most or hit me the moment I realized I lost the mobile is a few SMS tht I had there....  from somebody whom I love n the relationship with whom is now almost in shambles..... Priceless is what I hv lost :(

Ha how mobiles turn warehouse of memories... I still hv ma first mobile (a sad Samsung) tucked away safely in some corner of the home cause tht has the pics n a video of ma daddy.... something v v v precious for me!

As I write this hubbs dearest is busy configuring his new touch-phone!! Ooph ! Men n gizmo ~~ Happiest possible combo ever.... grrrrr!!!!

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  1. Oh God! Same thing happened with my friend's uncle yesterday!
    Hugs girl. Go get a nice one :)