Happy B'day Manu....

Happy B'day sweetheart! I hope this year... yea yea am gonna be v shameless here.... sees u getting married N settling down :-P!

Now Now no senti digs from me... But I will take this chance to record a few v pleasant memories of the 'chulbuli' gal u were as a child.... quite diff from the silent, sensible, calm gal u r now.....

One of the earliest memories I hv of u is the one odd day in creche... Now a FYI for rest of the world.... My mom was a working lady so we had our maternal grandma staying with us... But one odd week when she was away in kerala we would be packed off to the neighbouring creche which if am not wrong was run by this anglo-indian lady... well I was as paavam then as am now(ok ok... am not so-very-paavam now....but there was a time when I indeed was) n hardly a 5 year old while this brat of sis was like hardly 2.... so this madam decides shes not liking the caretaker there n wht does she do? Bites the lady when shes carrying her around... n bites so badly tht it leaves a mark in her shoulders :-D... well long n short my mom had to pay her extra so that the lady didnt throw both of us out :-D sounds staright from a 'dennis the menance' comic?

Ha school... well another story there! Madam from the day she started her nursery to till date thinks thts the worst possible place in the world n the only saving grace as per her... the 'chapar chapar chapar' she could do with her friends there... N man she never ran short of either(chapar-chapar or friends) so much so that my dad(funnily he was the one who would always turn up for PT meetings) would find a PTA meeting incomplete till he heard this 'compliment' abt his younger daughter... Ho yea for him both his princesses could just do nothing wrong :-D!

But well one complaint which had my parents scratching their head is when a note on her b'day form school said 'Inappropriate dressing'..... Now now it was her b'day n she was like a 2nd or 3rd grader n all she wore was a skirt - top! But on cross questioning came out the story, madam got inspired by some stupid school label(yea yea school label of all things) of a  rajasthani lady showing off her midriff with a choli(something like one shown in pic... courtesy google).... So this wisp of a girl decides to pin up her top n make a duppata the choli... ha my parents didnt know whether to laugh or scold.... LOL!

Ha n for the tall (5ft 7 is not wht I would call short) -thin girl she is now... until she was like 7 or 8 years madam was this short n plump girl who was dubious for getting lost! But but while it would hv everybody at home running helter-skleter v soon they realized she knows how to find her way home.... let this be in hyd or kerala! One incident which still keeps popping up in conversation is of the time she gets lost in guruvayoor temple(Now the temple can get quite crowded) .... Now now shs hardly 5 n not exactly flunet in malayalam! But but nobody needs to hv got worried... she walks upto a guard, tells him he is lost n gives him full details and gets him to announce in the temple mike! Confidence was one area she never lacked then!

N ofcourse the brat she was n the paavam I was(Now I cant possibly call myself 'dumb' or 'nerd'... so am happier with a nicer sounding 'Paavam') combo meant every other day we would blow hot-n-cold just as any other sisters! But well thts until my mom decides to step in n act as referee n tht very moment we would become one n gang up against her... ha Happiness :)

Ho I can go on n on abt her..But will stop it here...  sweetie pie from there to now u hv come a long way... Now u r the one who puts everybody else's needs n happiness b4 urs......Sweetie pie here is wishing u a life which makes u once again hug life the way u did as a child... with a super-brat confidence... That with the sweetheart u already are will be a damnest possible combo!


  1. Wish U happy B'day mannu

  2. Wishing Manu a very very happy birthday :) :)

    Pls invite us for the wedding :P :P