Book review: Red Lily

Now Now dont cringe when I say am happiest reading the mushy-mushy lovey dovey M&B kinda books.... Yea yea I know Life is anything but that (Ait I smart) but then dont these novels leave u feeling happy-happy n with joy in heart.... Ha isnt that a much wanted feeling in our lives! So I ask whats wrong in M&Bs?? No Mr. Hubbs I dont wnat u to answer it :)

N so in latest exploits of M&Bs I discovered Nora Roberts and so her book "Red Lily" is been whats on ma bed side table for last few days.... A review u say? Ha a quick happy breezy read with NO OVERDOSE of mushiness..... A good read for a rainy day!

Hmm as I was googling up the book for this post, I just realized that its a part of a trilogy.... so now U know whts gonna be my quota of M&B at least for next few weeks :)

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  1. Ha ha .. as long as u enjoy them :)

    Have fun :)