An Guest Post......

N Guess who is the guest writer... My 6 year old niece :-D! This is a story straight from horse's mouth (The typos are courtesy her mom :-P)

Title: The Younger Sister

Once up on a time little girl lived in Hyderabad.Her name is Meenu and Meena.Her house name is Happy Home Appartments.Her sister is Manju,mother name is Nalini and father's name is Chandrasekhar.Meena is working IBM.her husband name is Pravin.He is working in IBM.They live in Banglore .Pravin's father is Venugopal and mother Anuprabha.Meena's elder sister's name is Beena and daughter is APARNA.She is studying in class 1 A Roll number 13.Her school is St Francis School.Meena's manju's and Beena's brother name is Ramdas and his wife is Jayanthi.Aparna's grandfather is K.Ramachandran and grandmother is M.Indira.Aparna's grandfather is President and grandmother is housewife.

A review of the post: Well than a story this is ma family tree.....  N points to be noted - My home is still ma house in hyd... my current home in bangalore is just a plce where I love n ma home is till hyd (At least as per her!). Not to miss the Mr.President in post her grandfather... yeah rt :-D! Anybody there who could link up the title n story... ma guess is I am her mom's sister n so the tile?? Lemme ask her highness tommo......

Edited To Add: This story is the second of the series of stories tht her highness is decided to publish... the first was abt herself... Havent yet caught hold of tht! The second is me..... Not bad he... lemme take a bow for the credits :-D

Love u sweetheart!


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