Who do u think came visitng last week??

Lemme give u a hint....

The persons typical schedule included ~~ Getting me ma cup of bed tea as soon as I wake up, pottering around in kitchen, Finding every trace of dust n dirt hidden in all nook n corners, removing cobwebs, mending all ma torn blankets n bedsheets, washing ma cant-wash-in-machine clothes n of course going blah-blah abt all the 'N' things am supposedly messing up with! Ha the last thing should given u the hint... Who else but your mother dearest ** Smiles**. N all this at the cost of missing her fav serials .......... Her fav past-time last week included talking to me (Even thou i acted pricey sitting b4 the lappie more often than not) Did I tell ya that when she realized ma maid is doing a disappearing act for a few days, she postpones her trip by few days (Yipppee) n makes sure the house is presentable (if not spic-n-span)!

N in few days joins ma sis who decides to indulge us all with gifts cause she is got a barely-there hike !! N her biggest past-time u said?? Ganging up with jeejeu n making poor mes life as miserable they can.... Grrrrrr!

One thing that stuck me is the confidence with which I dish up dishes for them... A confidence that I lack even in ma day - day cooking.... In rare cases when I do dish out something((N b4 u cry foul.. Lemme clarify I do all the donkey work...) I end up calling ma Mr. Pricey hubbs 10 times to taste the food! But not when its being dished out for ma sis n mom... I know whatevea I do they just gona lap it up with no whimper :-D!

It did Taste Yum tooo!

N then they left yest leaving me all :(

PS: When people act cheaply meanish n with an intention of jus pitting u down n hurting u n end up making somebody elses lifes sillily difficult ~~ basically for cheap thrills ~~ It makes it so so so v difficult to forgive them! Something I know am not gonna forget it in a hurry ~~ Jus remember what goes around comes around!

But ofcourse this gets linked up to Color Deckors Weeknd-Wrapup... All times are supposed to be linked up there u c :)


  1. Good one. and the dish looks yummy.

  2. oh you are such a sweet heart... Thank you!! :-)

    And the dish looks yummmmmm.... I must join u for dinner..