The Monday Blues~~

Cliched I know......

Haa but but don just blame me n ma work(A ant post alert!)... The nature too conspired to add to the blues! How else will u explain this dream....

Of somebody v v v dear going off far far away across the seas(Simply translates to going abroad :-D) ...So u say??? Did ya say distance makes heart go fonder? While i possibly still know that she is a phone call away .... It just aint the same as say meeting them every other week n then bugging them till they listen to u n well jus being difficult till u hv ur way or  having her give a nod to every big or small decision u need to make (Thus saving u from the pain of pondering if it was the right decision to make!).But Well the dynamics of each relationship is diff...... Esp when the person has a reputation of locking herself up at the sign of trouble, of not answering ur calls or mails :(  ... esp when she is your sister-friend-mentor all rolled into one!

Ha as ma hubbs said... Its jus a dream which may not come tru! But but I know she waana relocate n settle abroad ~~ so well while I hope her dreams come true (N this dream is jus a scene thts gona be enacted sooon) I know its gona be one irreversible loss to me .... Sob sob sob! NThe state of ma mind as I woke up today(DOWN)  is exactly how I gona feel then.... N b4 u call me a drama queen read up this  

n you may possibly empathize!!!

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  1. One of my closest friends is moving too :( And as much as I am happy in her happiness, the very thought of not being able to meet her whenever I want to tears me apart :( And mine is not even a dream! She is moving next month! Sigh :(