Are u still a Taurean?

So asked ma frnd! Huh u said?? Well so did I

For a moment I thot possibly she means it in not-so-literal sense n the dumber tht I can be was  not getting it!! But nooo soon I realized she means every word of it! Zapped are u?? Well so was I till she shared this link! Turns out that in this hullabaloo about a new star being found - the entire sun-sign is got re-aligned!!! So turns that am no more the bullish taurean - am now the spoilt-n-pampered Ariean!!! N if u too lazy like me heres a quick glance of the new sun sign calendar!

January 20-February 16 - Capricorn
 February 16-March 11 - Aquarius
March 11-April 18 - Pisces
April 18-May 13 - Aries
May 13-June 21 - Taurus
June 21-July 20 - Gemini
July 20-August 10 - Cancer
August 10-September 16 - Leo
September 16-October 30 - Virgo
October 30-November 23 - Libra
November 23-December 17 - Scorpio
December 17-January 20 – Sagittarius


PS: Dono if I hv blogged of this b4 - pre-wedding I believed I was a staunch Taurean - A proud one at that! But well post meeting up hubbs this created a problem ~~ turns out tht the Leo - Taurus is the worst possible combo!! That set the warning bells ringing... But the creative that I am, I soon came up with a soln - I conveniently converted ma sun-sign from 'taurus' to 'Aries-Taurus' Cusp :-D (N techincally rt too... Considering April 22 is indeed a cusp or should I now saw WAS indeed a cusp!) ! Smart aint I... LOL!! Ha so what happens now???????????????

1 comment:

  1. looks like I am not anymore.
    mm april 25.
    no matter what remain that bullish taurean:)