Dusk To Dawn Music Festival...

Yeaaa u read tht rt! N its happening rt here in B'lore...

Excerpts from their site.....

The Fireflies Festival of Music 2011 will begin on 19th February at 7pm and go on till 7am.

The stage, as always, is set under a banyan tree in an open air amphitheatre, adjacent to a lake and away from the sodium trail of the city. Here, through music we celebrate the relationship of oneness between man and earth. This forms the bedrock of the festival ethos. It is also a celebration of the pluralism of India.

The festival, from dusk to dawn, is a cultural experience where on offer is sounds of various genres. Taking care to juxtapose the indigenous with the international, the established with the unheard of, and jazz with tribal folk.

Sounds yum huh? Even a no-ear-for-music sad soul like me is excited about this... Thou I hv a linking its more for the experience than the music! Dono if I will make it there... Thou I hope I do :)

TGIF... Let the party begin!! Hv a great weekend guys! 

PS - 1: The tickets for this event  are supposedly all sold out! So jus drop in an hour earlier n try ur luck with the tickets being sold at the site!!

PS - 2: Somebody outta there is setting out today on what I hope is the first of many trips of her life. A trip tht marks the new begining shes made... A trip tht  where I hope she appreciates n is appreciated... A trip which makes up for all the lost quota of fun in her life... Amen to that!!


  1. Fireflies.. not sure if this is an apt tittle. Light from Fireflies represents imperfection. Its not continuous, its abrupt and short lived, while music is not!!

    PS: Glad I am miles away!!

  2. Ho Mr. Intransigent! U c the link of Fireflie sin the site... Plz do the honors there.... Grrrr!

  3. ha ha ha. Guess there is no place for honesty these days ..sigh!! :-(

  4. Amen!

    Gud luck and have fun at the show :)