Feb 14 :-D

Valentines day it is :-D

N man! Its our 5th together..... Time does indeed fly! From the first-time giddy-in-love to a sane-happy-family-time last year  life did seem to have taken a big turn over the years! But well more on it later...

As I was flipping thru a few of the archives ~~ I realized the first we spent post wedding has never been recorded... So here it is more for happy-memories sake :)... The very thot of it brings a smile onto ma face

Ha the celebrations during those good old days revolved around jus a single  thot... 'Gifts' N 'Eating Out'! The first landmark was eay to achieve..... The mandatory exchange of gifts(A fastrack watch for me :-D)...  I gota give it to ma hubs.... He did play it up!

The remaining part is where the fun lay... In finding 'The place' which had to live upto the promise of the 'Romatic-valentine-Candle-Light-Dinner'... A tall order I know! So out we went armed with 'Kingfisher Explocity Great Food Guide' (Yea! We actually did that) and while most places were ruled out for being either too exhobiriant or too crowded the hunt continued! (If theres one thing I hv learnt it is that its much more romantic to hv a candle-light dinner in confines of ur own sweet home atleast on a day like this!). N surprise of surprise we land up at this small cosy roof-top Restaurant(yea yea the heights of romaticsm :-P) ... Charcoal (Ofcourse this is ma space n am more than allowed to exaggerate here :-P) . Ofcourse after the customary drinks n food were ordered, photos clicked ~~ The candles were conveniently forgotten n it was time to bid goodbye!(Yea ma way of softly saying... Boredom crept in)!

 Well in all this lies the magic of silliness, the magic of blindly aping the jane-next door...... But slowly n steadily this silliness gives way to what I hope is true love :). On tht note wishing you all a very happy valentines day... May this year be filled with lotta lotta lotta love n happiness :)