Hols - 2010!

Haa a good 2 months post the vacation is when I decide to even blog abt it... Hmpf! Well betta delayed than neva rt!

So heres is the post where hubbs dearest is done some justice to the vacation :-D... Atleast to part 1 of it!  Yo yo he is taken back to blogging .... N this is his photo blog! Do hop on there..... Free publicity u c :)

Ha we are digressing here ... So ma take on that vacation?  This place is possibly a contender for Poor-mans Ooty.... Jus that it gets a niche betta than that... Imagine ooty ,minus the crowd n commercialization... That summarizes Amboli for you! Ok now that I set the expectations high.. Lemme also tell u this... The entire place is hardly few kms with a highway running in between... So don go running expecting a Nirvana :)

A review abt the place we stayed in Amboli will follow soon! N if any of u heading there heres a tip(you can thank me for it)... There is a MTDC(Maharasthra tourism) resort bang on the Vengurla beach... Not that I stayed there but it looked a small cosy place..... Worth staying back for  night!

What betta day than friday to reminisce about hols n good times huh :). Happy weekend guys!

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  1. WOwww! That sounds like a fantastic vacation.

    Love the hammock and food pic there ;)