Is exactly how I felt the past few days....

A trip that should hv been ideally a Happy-happy time considering it was a wedding of ma fav person that I been looking fwd to for ages turned out to be......... sigh!

How do I go abt describing a wedding that had me more tensed n worried than I was even for mine! But touch wood it went off without a glitch... Indeed she made a v pretty pretty pretty pretty bride :-). Here is wishing them a v v v happy married life! N u Mr. Groom  ~~ U are indee done hella lucky chap n u owe it to her ~~ U betta make a gr8 hubbs!!

N if this aint omigosh enuf then read on.....

As we set out for the drive back from kerala - Bangalore, we decided to drop ma velachan( ma moms sis hubbs) at the hospital for a checkup.... N then with no warning whatsoever he suddenly collapses .... Nightmarish is the word to desc the events that followed! Made me realize how imp certain people in our life... The people whom we take for granted, people whom we hardly give a second thot...... N then outta blue comes something like this making u realize how imp they actually are! Ha but ofcourse there is gotta be a silver lining .... aint it! What shone outta this entire incident is the beautiful relationship that ma veliamma-velachan share... Both well in their 60s but well the love that they shared aint something thats faded..... I so v hope I grow old this way with ma hubbs!

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