2011 South Asian Challenge!

Now now this is one that I been seeing on-n-off in all the blogs tht I silently lurk on...

N its quite simple n interesting too.... All u gota do is agree upon 'X' no. of books that you will read abt South Asia or by South Asian Authors... Quite simple  considering I hv a reasonable appetite for simple fiction... This aint asking much... Esp when  your no 'X' can range from 1-2 books n go all the way upto 10 +!! Wonder what took me so long to sign up for this one!!!

So here as I take a plunge into this one.. N all am targeting is a v v reasonable no of 7....Wish me luck!

Oooo! Whats with me n this sudden burst of activity - First NaBloPoMo N now this!!!!

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  1. only fiction or other categories of books can be taken into account too??...and I think I'll read 2 books this year by S asian authors...currently reading The kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini (although based in US he has his roots in Afghanistan). the other I'm planning to read is "Train to Pakistan" by my fav author Khushwanth Singh.