Do Boys Eva Grow Up??????????

What do ya do with a boy ~~ Big boy ~~ who while is happy to share his "Toys" with his visiting 4 year old cousin but well the toy just  suddenly disappears when the little boy decides to take them home!

Fair enuf u say ~~ After all he is jus a "Boy"??

Ha would u still say the same when I say that the big boy is nee... Not a boy really ~~ He is actually a man who is well almost into his 30s :-D!

N did u say tht u still give him a benefit of doubt depending on what the toy is ~~ Are we talking of some Macs, Digi Cams or some fancy Gizmos (After all he is Gizmo fan in his 30s rt)!! Ha I wish! The toys we are referring to here is a funny "Kaleidoscope" \ Mc Donalds "Happy-Meals" Freebies(which BTW is travelled with him for last few years!! \ Remote - Controlled Planes!!!!  ** Wail **

The freebies that caused the blood bath!

Do boys eva grow up????

Hubbs dearest Plz take a bow :-D